Last year I wrote about how snow and cold couldn’t stop us from marching in the Providence St. Patrick’s Day Parade – this year it was a bit nippy but at least it was nice and sunny!  Perfect for a parade in March in Providence….

There were about 15 of us marching together today, representing Live it Up and the RI Dream Center.  Most of us have been (or still are) homeless at one point in our lives, and I am so proud of how we are taking steps in the right direction to move forward with our lives…the stories I could tell you… It felt great to march down the parade route and have the public acknowledge what we do and cheer us on for the progress we are making.

Here’s a pic from last year:

And here’s some pics from this year:



Uncle Andy

before the paradebobby shamrock

bobby shamrock2

Bobby Shamrock 2 years in a row!

cam n kb


No doubt!

erin go bragh

insta crew

Great crew



me in the truck

me photobombing

She is photo bombing him, and I am photo bombing her from inside the truck!

monkey n mom

Mother n son

niece n nephew

ridc hoodies

Representing our RIDC Hoodies!

the crew

Life-lasting memories

thumbs up

Thumbs Up!

truck photo bombing

Even the Food Truck is getting in on the photo-bombing!!!


Newport Creamery!

william matt

I’m not sure I can articulate how special it is for these individuals to walk in the parade…on this day, the city is cheering them on and reminding them just how special they are regardless if they are have’s or have-not’s…I am soooo proud of everyone who marched in the parade with me this year.

And here’s a video of Bobby Shamrock battle-dancing the Big Naso…and winning?  

Switching gears…One of my friends from work made a huge impact with us during this parade.  This friend goes to the parade every year.  When she heard the Food Truck was going to be in the parade 3 years ago, she and her Dad put together over 50 St. Patrick’s Day cards with $5 Dunkin Donut gift cards in each one for us to hand out from the Food Truck to the street people we see along the route…it was pretty awesome…this year, though, she went all out…she worked with her co-workers to raise over $600 and put together more that 125 gift certificates for us to hand out.   It was such an amazing time blessing the financially poor with a smile, a hug, and a $5 Dunkin Donut giftcard for no other reason than “just because”.  I wish the world had more of this kind of love in it…Friend, thanks for all your hard work, you did an amazing job – you and our co-workers are amazing!!!!!


I’m already excited for what next year holds!!!!  We already decided we are making bannners/flags/signs for next year’s parade!!

Thanks for checking  in!  You are amazing!