Here’s a note I received from our Early Seekers team, who were out first thing in the morning yesterday. Many of the regular volunteers who prepare food for this team were away this week, so the team was worried they might not have enough,  but we found some friends that jumped in to fill the gap.

What a blessed morning at Kennedy Plaza this Saturday, It all went according to God’s Plan. We passed out 375 sandwiches and 14 bags of clothing and a bag of hand warmers. The homeless were so thankful and blessed by all of you. thank you all once again for your faithfulness in prayer and all you do to bless the Homeless. You make it happen

A very special thank you to Andrea Smith and the Help the homeless in Rhode Island, who donated over 200 sandwiches, snacks  and sodas, etc. What a huge blessing this was to the Homeless and the Early Seekers. Thanks with all our hearts for filling in the gap for those who  were not able to make them as they are away.  God bless all of you for your labor of love. Angels to the rescue!

Some of the homeless asked us to pray with them:

Lidia  Healing miracle of her heart problem.

Brian  Healing miracle of his cancer.

Dino  continued prayer for his complete recovery from knee surgery

Pat had 2 total knee replacements and is in so much pain please pray for her healing , and quick recovery.

Sharon  healing  and special unspoken

Mark  special unspoken

Barbara needs many miracles in her family 

Barbara different Barbara for her and her family

Kenny  God knows

Maria deliverance 

L & K & R & R special unspoken

Ron Healing from cancer and family

Erin  God knows

Molly  Healing

Scott  God knows

Shanna  God knows

Robert  God knows

Matthew  God knows

Andy  God knows

Paul  God knows

Richard  his needs

Helen  her needs

Gloria  her needs

Wendy  her needs

David E  his needs

Francis  his needs

David  God knows 

G  finances and special unspoken

Maria  Needs a job  Pray for her and her children as well