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Hope all is well…we are all working our way through another snowy Winter Season here in Southern New England…hope you enjoy reading the most recent update from Ginny of the Early Seekers Team:

We had another awesome morning  having  fellowship with the precious souls at Kennedy  Plaza and passing out lunches, Coffee, Bananas,clothing, toiletries  Etc. Everyone was so thankful for everything. Thank you all once again for  making lunches, donating clothing , for all you do and all your prayers.  May God bless you all. Thank you Lord for all the Provisions, all the love and  team work and allowing  us all to be a part in this blessed  ministry. Thank you Lord that souls are being saved and set free through  your Holy Spirit. To God be the Glory.  

As far as food goes, we are in great need of the following:

  • Coffee
  • Soda
  • Water
  • Juice
  • Creamer
  • Brown paper bags
  • Snack bags
  • Sandwich bags
  • Sugar & sugar substitute
  • Mustard
  • Mayonnaise
  • Peanut Butter
  • Jelly
  • Snacks

If you would like to donate,  please drop off your donations in the church kitchen and label it “Early Seekers”  Thanks so much for your support.

Here are the types of clothes the homeless have been asking us for lately:

  • Warm Winter Clothing
  • Pants
  • Shirts
  • Jeans
  • Sweat Pants
  • Sweat Shirts
  • Thermalwear
  • Gloves
  • Hats
  • Shoes
  • Boots
  • Sneakers
  • Jackets
  • Hoodies
  • Socks
  • Backpacks

We are on the lookout for new or lightly used Warm Clothing. If you would like to bless the homeless Please see Jan or Ginny.  Thanks & God Bless.

Often the homeless will ask us to pray with them for something specific – here are some of their needs – you might like to pray for them as well:
  • Hilda  please continue to pray that her lung  biopsy comes back cancer free and for her healing miracle
  • Liz   Please continue to pray for her   complete healing  miracle and that she can swallow
  • Lidia   Healing miracle of her heart problem
  • Scott  Healing miracle of his blood clots
  • Raymond   Healing miracle of his cancer
  • Joseph G   Healing miracle of his  cancer
  • Peter   was with his Girl 2 1/2 years and  they broke up he misses her much, Pray for strength for him to get through this.
  • Robert  is in a program and doing well, This is  an answer to your prayers for him and will be a miracle for him and his family  when he is totally free as his addiction  was killing him and has been  a tremendous heart ache and hard ship on his loved ones. Satan don’t like this  and has made it even harder for him as another person in the program is  constantly harassing him, Please continue to pray him through for strength to  continue on. God is greater, In Jesus name may he gain the victory.
  • Barbara  needs many miracles in her family,  Please continue to keep her and her family in pray for break through.
  • Robert  Healing of his foot, finances & god  knows
  • Linda  is doing better, another answer to your  prayers, please continue to keep her in your prayers for healing of depression  and God knows
  • David   speedy recovery from his surgery
  • Barbara   Healing miracle from   Pain & Arthritis  & for her family
  • Maria   healing miracle deliverance
  • Anna   God knows
  • Cindy & Ron  For God’s provision and  protection and souls to be save as they witness on the trail
  • Anthony   finances & family
  • Ronnie   complete healing
  • Ronnie in jail and His wife and 3 children
  • Lisa   Complete healing of her Dad And  mother & step father and Blessings on Lisa and her family
  • Carlos   God knows
  • Joe A   God knows
  • Paul M   Heart Disease
  • Michael  is addiction free 1 month  please  pray for continued strength on his recovery road
  • Jeff   God knows
  • William   Salvation for him and his family
  • Felix   Health
  • Joseph  needs a blanket he sleeps out side
  • Job    good health and peace 
  • Raymond   needs size 11 sneakers
  • Kevin    a home & God knows
  • Felicia  sees her Doctor Feb.  she will be  getting surgery on her throat, she also will be getting cortisone shots for her  legs, Please pray for her healing.
  • Robert  Has a Praise Report He has a job and  apartment, thanks for your prayers again
  •  Al   God knows
  • Steve   God knows
  • Paul   His needs
  • Dean   finances
  • Audrey    her needs
  • Cheryl   her needs
  • George   needs a home  sleeps out side  all year for years
  • Jim   his needs
  • Kevin   his needs
  • Sharon    Her needs
  • Chris   her needs
  • Andy   his needs
  • Brian   God knows
  • David   his needs
  • David E   His needs
  • Sharon   God knows
  • Mark   God knows
Thanks, love & prayers from Kennedy Plaza &  Crossroads Early Seekers
God bless and Have a great week


We gave out our annual “Hoodies for the Homeless” today and had a blast doing it – had a pizza party while we were at it!!!

I shot some video on my cellphone as well:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYUZww2y7T4&feature=youtu.be

There’s something special about seeing the homeless and financially poor wearing our hoodies…there is a certain brotherhood it creates…we are all in this together and we all have each others’ backs!!!!  One big family!!!

We gave out about 100 – stay warm this winter, folks….love ya!!!!


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2013-12-29 14.59.08

Hey!  Thanks for checking in!  We received the following email update from the folks who passed out food and clothes to the homeless Downcity this morning:

We had a very Blessed day in the Lord at KP today.


We were able to pass out coats and clothing, socks, toiletries and   lunches  etc. Lidia brought clothing and homemade cookies Barbara brought coats and clothing as well. and many were so blessed to have received the much needed items and also the coffee that Chuck and George always faithfully provide as well as all the sandwiches that every one of you provide for them. we ran out of food pretty quickly tho… many hungry among us today. So surprised to see many new faces so sad really to see more and more homeless on the streets of Providence. many looked lost and seemed in  weakened  condition… maybe from an illness, a cold,  or the flu, or maybe just weary from struggling to survive out here in the cold and brutal weather.


There was such an unsettling spirit there today many just seemed restless, irritable and, I don’t know just difficult  in some ways.
We love them anyway on good days and bad… .when they are on their best behavior or not.. who can blame them what do they have really? many have even lost their hope. ..Just difficult to see and witness. we pray with them and offer encouragement as best we can, we tell them we love them and  share with them God’s love for them.
It must be a very difficult time of year for them, so many have only the clothes on their backs .   how hard it must be for them   knowing they have nothing to give to their loved ones family and friends.  and many have no family to love on them and share the joy of Christmas with….no one to share…no one to care.


The sadness in their faces says it all and it is heart wrenching to witness. We offer and are able to provide these little bits of comfort for the day. Only wish we had the means to erase all the pain and provide  homes  jobs, family restorations, and so much more,  We leave them there  and promise to pray for a better life for them. It is so hard to leave them , and go home…..  your mind and heart repeatedly reminding  you of the sadness of their plight.


Please keep them all in your prayers God is able to turn things around  for all of them and I know that if my heart breaks how much more our God for He loves and cares ever much more than we can even imagine, for he is their heavenly Father.
Didn’t get too many prayer requests today…. so busy… and the hustle and bustle is sometimes overwhelming and just difficult to get everyone to share whats on their heart. but we pray for each and every one and God knows all their needs.
Here are they prayer requests the homeless had for us today:

  • Michael     thanks God for everything!
  • Ray     needs pray for his kids family and friends
  • Wayne     has cancer of the lung and has just found that he has heart problems as well
  • Allen     He is there every week, needs so much
  • Kevin   Housing and all his needs
  • Brian    asked for prayer for all the people in New  Town
  • Lilly Andrews  Her children
  • Girl in the pink coat    so very distraught this  morning
  • Katherine      a beautiful woman  said she  needs a home ,lives at the shelter
  • Gary Brooks     3 months clean and sober… Praise God! wants prayer to quit smoking
  • Steven     Head problems…. his wife gave  us  this prayer request speaks broken english so it was hard to  understand her but able to get that she needed us to pray for healing for  his problems in his head
  • Darnell    So grateful  for all the much-needed items  that you all donated and gave to Sharon  for his apartment
  • Ken     God knows
  • Julia    her children, finances  etc
  • Jason  Clean and sober 16 months now. He was on a news segment a few  days ago sharing his story of how  16 months ago he was in the hospital  in a coma  and almost died as he was a victim of taking/buying that  new drug on the street that looks like oxycodone but is like 100 times more  potent and many have died  right here in RI from this drug.  This drug  is still circulating and being sold to  many homeless and addicted  individuals who do not know the dangers of it. jason  said he will be on  the news  again on a special program but I cant remember  what one.  anyway he will share his story. He said that he is  people to  survive after taking it
  • Frances      Comes to pt faithfully and helps us  every week at KP he has many needs as well. protects and brings things under  control when needed.
  • Judy     Walking/limping with a cane… needs healing  in her leg
  • Carl  God Knows
  • Bernard and Lois    God knows
  • Jack  God Knows
  • Gary    said he’s broke and his check was delayed in the  mail. concerned because he borrowed $20 from a friend and wants to pay him back  asap
  • Raymond     Healing, finances  and family
  • Gloria       finances, family
  • Helen    her children, finances
  • Richard  God knows….. He is a great guy loves the Lord and helps us  and protects us and helps to provide a calming spirit to those who are  restless.

Prayer for all our homeless:

  • Addictions to be broken
  • healing for all  in need of physical ailments, disease or afflictions  of any kind
  • restoration and reuniting of families and healing of hurts
  • Housing for the homeless
  • Financial blessings to those that need
  • Jobs for the unemployed
  • Joy  and happiness for the downtrodden
  • Hope  renewed for all those who have lost it  and can’t find  their way back
  • Abundant Blessings to all of you who provide so much and pray  for our precious family at KP
  • comfort  for  grieving hearts

Thanks for taking the time to read this.  Please let me know if you would like to donate.  This team needs help with sandwiches, drinks, snacks and hot coffee…they are out there every single Saturday of the year – rain or shine, warm or cold…or, let me know if you’d like to volunteer…

The RI Dream Center had a wonderful opportunity to sit and talk with Matthew Barnett, of the Dream Center in Los Angeles, last year – and he helped us tremendously with support as well as advice for our up-and-coming organization.  Now, it’s time to give back to the Dream Center out in LA.

The city of LA is working towards a law that would prohibit public feeding of the poor in certain sections of the city.  While I do not know the landscape of that city, or the reasons that the public officials are working on this, I do know that their plans will impact and impede the work of the Dream Center out in LA.  Therefore, I ask that you take a look at the request below from Matthew Barnett asking for the city to reconsider; and if it seems right to you, I would ask that you sign the petition.  I hope they can all come to a satisfactory compromise.

I can only imagine how the RI Dream Center would be impacted if we were restricted from feeding and clothing those less fortunate.  Thankfully, we have been very fortunate.  In fact, our city has welcomed us with open arms and I believe it will continue to do so.

So, please take a moment to take a look at the open letter from Matthew Barnett below and sign the petition if you feel led to.

Thanks for your time!!

Los Angeles City Council, Mayor Eric Garcetti: We ask that the Los Angeles City Council retract Motion 13-1238 to restrict non-commercial feeding programs in public rights of way.

The Los Angeles City Council is considering a ban on the public feeding those in need. That means that charities, churches and other organizations that feed those in need could face large fines and even arrest if they are caught feeding the homeless.

If the City of Los Angeles is successful banning public feeding single mothers, young families, veterans, the elderly, homeless, and food insecure individuals that depend on The Dream Center and other agencies to help provide much needed meals and food will go hungry.

The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank and Feeding America have previously reported that 1,636,100 people were food insecure in Los Angeles. Included in this number are 643,640 children, 31% of whom are likely ineligible for federal nutrition programs. Although the federal government funds seventeen food assistance programs, 52% of food insecure individuals in Los Angeles County do not qualify under federal guidelines for these nutrition programs.

If the government isn’t feeding the hungry, and won’t allow nonprofit organizations, churches, and compassionate individuals to fill in the gap, what hope do these people have to survive in our city?

As the pastor at The Dream Center, I’ve seen firsthand the difference that we make in feeding those in need. Every month we provide over 36,000 hot meals, groceries to 40,000 people and 1,000,000 pounds of food to relieve hunger. I look into the faces of young mothers every month and I see the relief they have when they know that their child will have something to eat. We are one of many organizations that do this work, because the need is so great.

The last thing our city needs, in the midst of rising homelessness, is to restrict the goodwill of the people. We house hundreds of families and individuals who would otherwise be homeless and have invested millions of dollars to help our community — and not depend upon the government to provide the solution. Please help support this important cause by signing the petition.


One of our great volunteers, Ginny, sent me an email this morning providing me with the following update on today’s happenings with Early Seekers down at Kennedy Plaza.  They are down there (and at Crossroads) every single Saturday morning handing out clothes and bagged-lunches to the homeless as they are getting off the buses (most shelters close early in the morning and the homeless have nowhere to go but the bus station).  The Food Truck gets a lot of publicity, but the Early Seekers are the very essence of RI Dream Center.  I hope you enjoy her update as much as I do:

What an awesome morning we had at Kennedy Plaza, It  was  so exciting to see so many of them with the backpacks we passed out on  November 16th,  Praise God!  God bless you all once again for making  it all possible and for all you do all year long.

We had the honor of having Bob Ekno with us this morning. He brought Clothing to pass out. He is the host of  a Christian talk show In California which gives all beautiful testimonies of how  God turned peoples’ lives around. He is also the author Of the book “God bless America  before it is too Late.” He Also works with the homeless in Calif.  He is up here  visiting his family and plans on coming to PT tomorrow also.  He was so touched with all we do at Kennedy  Plaza . the food truck etc . Even though it was a whooping 14 degrees out , he stayed the whole time, It must have been extra cold for him as he came from  much warmer climate. God bless him. 

We had the honor of Christina & Randy helping on  the food truck this morning. God Bless you

We passed out many bags of clothing and shoes and  blankets and many lunches as well and People were so thankful. 

Here are some of thing things we are thankful for…

A man we gave some clothing to, we gave him a canvas bag to put his clothing in and then we noticed that the top of the bag was torn, so I said oh wait a minute that bag is ripped We will get you another bag, we have a lot more.

He Insisted that the bag  we gave him was fine he said see I just fold it over like this, save the other bags for someone else, This is good. I said God bless you he said no God bless all of you I am just so thankful  for the clothing and al you do.  Wow! How many of us might be hot under the collar if someone gave us a torn bag? Talk about being thankful!!!!! Beautiful people with thankful hearts. ( Brings tears to your eyes)

John  a homeless man gave me $2:00 and said I want to make a donation, this is so awesome all you do here. I want to help out he said. I said God bless you, He said no God Bless all of you. ( brings tears to you eyes)        

A homeless Lady came to us and said I have a whole bunch of cloth ,canvas and sturdy bags with handles on them for you to give to people to carry their clothes in. I said oh that is so very nice of you God bless you, She said No God bless all of you for the awesome work you do here. (It brings tears to your eyes) how they want to be a part  of Giving and how thankful they are.

Ken:  My sister Jan had bought some backpacks and supplies with her own money to give to anyone who did not get one and really needed one. Last week Ken said I don’t have anything and Jan said I will bring you a backpack with supplies in it. So she Gave it to him and he was so thankful. He opened it and found the bag of toiletries in it and came running back with the bag of toiletries in his hands and said oh my God I need these so much, I can’t thank you enough. He was also thrilled with the hat scarf gloves other supplies and the backpack. Praise God. And God bless Jan For his and all the others she gave out. They were so thankful also.       

Many People were so hungry they ate their sandwiches as soon as we gave them to them and because it was the first of the month and there were not as many people there we had extra sandwiches and we gave some of them another  Sandwich and they ate that second sandwich right away and said i was so hungry Thank you so very much

Many People said that they went to Praise Tabernacle on thanksgiving day for the Thanksgiving Dinner they served, They all said what an awesome dinner and that the people at that church were so warm and loving and they want to come to our church. LOVE Speaks once again!!!!!!

A special thank you Veronica,  Barbara Sista, (Ginny Tom’s aunt) and Jan also the other Jan for the lovely things you donated and (Susan Jan’s daughter) for all the lovely shoes and sneakers and To Paul Jan’s brother- in – law for the beautiful leather all the jackets, hats scarfs and gloves and to all of you and your friends, coworkers and relatives Who donated clothing Etc, All went and they were so thankful . You really blessed  them. God bless you. Also thanks again for your Prayers Lunch and all you do. God bless you all.

Some of the people we serve ask us to pray for them…see below:

  • Sharon will have surgery on Dec 2, 2013 on her elbow ,please keep her in prayer for peace,  Her surgery and a speedy recovery.
  • Liz  Brenda’s mother Please  continue to keep her in pray for peace and a speedy recovery for completely healing and That she can swallow . please pray for Brenda as well
  • Tracy please keep her and her family in prayer
  • Brandon  God knows      
  • Joseph Guilmette Cancer healing miracle
  • John cancer of the  lung  healing miracle
  • Gracie   Cancer healing miracle
  • Scott  please continue to keep him in prayer for healing Blood clots
  • Jordan   God knows      
  • Maria healing back pain & For her family
  • Barbara Needs many miracles in her family
  • Robert  miracle deliverance      
  • Bobby   Healing of back pain
  • Car miracle deliverance      
  • C miracle deliverance      
  • Maria healing miracle deliverance      
  • Brian   God knows      
  • Christina  God knows      
  • Paul  God knows      
  • Hilda & Gary  God knows      
  • Lidia & her family
  • K   Job & God knows      
  • Linda  Inner healing & salvation
  • Ronnie in Jail and his wife and 3 babies
  • Ron   complete healing 
  • Randy   God knows
  • Ken healing of his back      
  • Anthony finances
  • Bobby finances and healing of his foot
  • S&G  God knows       
  • Kara   that she gets he surgery soon and the outcome is great
  • J&T  God knows      
  • Barbara  different Barbara  Her & Family God knows
  • Ron & Cindy on the trail for  God’s protection and provision and for all they witness to.
  • Billy  Healing depression
  • Willy  his  needs
  • William Salvation for him & family
  • Jeff  God knows      
  • David & family God knows      
  • George   God knows      
  • David Homeless sleeps out in the freezing  cold
  • Brian  a miracle deliverance      
  • David  needs surgery       
  • John   his needs      
  • Richard   God knows         
  • Anna   every thing goes well this week
  • Lenny  needs Jeans size 34
  • Ray family & friends Mom      
  • Lisa stay bright and beautiful      
  • George job change it to better,  wants to go to school
  • Elisa Family , Masa, HNA, Esteba      
  • Francis great week
  • Estell Vega family, niece, Gunilaughil, Juan, Husband Dominigo 
  • Walter  his needs      
  • Raymond healing cancer      
  • Andy  special week      
  • Kenny Thanks for back pack< pray for him as he goes to court
  • Nancy   self      
  • Eugene   his needs      
  • Lauren   has  stitches  in her head, Her x boy friend beat her up , pray for her healing and protection , she was in the hospital in  conn. and she was in a coma , she almost died
  • Jose   pray everything continues to go well with court & judge, so far it has worked out, he says praise God
  • Brian  family to stay safe
  • Gary   his needs      
  • Brian  the good Bad & the ugly and girlfriends & daughters, He needs a cane
  • Francis  Service men & women to come home safe
  •  Needs a queen bedspread or comforter and blanket, And Back pack
  • Willie  double  prayer
  • Joafuir   Health      
  • Robert   His kids      
  • Marie  Pray for her and her children
  • Terrance    Housing application in
  • Heather  Her boyfriend Jerry Got denied 5x for ssi and he is mentally disable, Because he had drugs in his back ground but has been clean for 2 years
  • Jose   Heart, self      
  • George  his needs      
  • Mike have a good day      
  • Lousie    Housing      
  • Ken peace in the world and a better year needs 2x flannel underware
  • Adrian Hurey   his needs      
  • L& R   God knows      
  • Ron  God knows      
  • Chris God knows       
  • G  finances
  • Bob   God knows
  • Morales Hunez   His needs      
  • All the homeless
  • Pastor’s & their family      
  • Church family and their family      
  • all who bless this ministry      
  • All ministries
  • All who are sick
  • Addictions to be broken      

Thank you and love & prayers from the Homeless & the Early Seekers.

God bless and have a great week


Well, Tuesday nights are cordoned off for me and my wife as “date night”, and we got to spend time together tonight filling backpacks for the homeless…

Every year the Dream Center hands out about 300 backpacks filled with winter necessities to the homeless in Providence, and tonight was the night they were filled.  This year we filled 301.

There are any number of people who have been working diligently all year to make this night a possibility, and to them I say thanks….and Saturday morning when the backpacks are finally given out to people who really need them – your whole year’s worth of hard work will come to fruition.

It was a little crazy at first when we got there – lots of work to do and soooo many opinions on which was the most efficient way to organize the stuffings and fill the backpacks…but once we finally got going we had a blast…all the volunteers ended up working as one cohesive unit within an hour and we were buzzing like super busy bees in a beehive…it was pretty cool, because even a couple of the volunteers were formerly homeless – it felt special working side-by-side with someone who used to need this backpack I held in my hand knowing that this year he is on the other side…this year he is helping fill it for someone else!

So, in closing, I hope you enjoy these pics as much as I enjoyed my date-night with my special someone!!!


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Well, it’s been a busy few days at the RI Dream Center.

Last night, we had an RIDC meeting and we talked about a lot of exciting things coming up in the next month or so.

We talked about our annual upcoming Hope for the Homeless Event coming up on November 9th (we are having a festival for the homeless and raising awareness for their plight on Nov. 9).  We’ve held this event at a number of different churches throughout the years – this year it will be at our home office at Praise Tabernacle Church.

We also talked about organizing the inventory and purchasing the rest of the items needed for our backpack drive (we are handing out 300 backpacks filled with winter necessities to the homeless on Nov. 16),  It’s always a blast hanging out with the team as they hand out the backpacks each year.

We also talked about some really great, strategic partnerships we are forming with other organizations working towards the same goals we are reaching towards.  I am really excited about this opportunity.  That’s all I can say for now…but I am really excited about these partners (that is an enormous understatement).

The whole time we were talking about our upcoming events, we had a whole ‘nother planning committee meeting in one of the other rooms to plan the H4H event out in greater detail.  It’s looking like they are planning a walk downtown and through Kennedy Plaza  to raise awareness for the homeless.  This year’s event has the makings of the biggest and best H4H event thus far.

All this was going on while Praise Tab was having its youth service, Youth Redefined…it’s exciting being there with so many other people, working towards the good of the community and building off of everyone else’s energy…we are all feeding each other and pushing each other to do things bigger and better.

And the same thing happened tonight…George got everything ready for me for the Food Truck tonight because I was short my regular prep-guy…while he was preparing the soups, hot cocoa, etc, the leader of the Narcotics Anonymous meeting was setting up in the next room over.  Once the Food Truck finally got going, the church had its prayer meeting in the next room over on the other side!  When I came back to clean up after the Food Truck, the NA meeting was just finishing up…it is an exciting time to be involved in all this stuff…and I truly believe we are making a significant impact in the community.

Tonight, for instance, we fed seventy-two people on the Food Truck.  It was the first real cold night of the season I have been out there since last Winter, and a lot of the people we feed are people we have been feeding Winter after Winter…some seem to be stuck in the system, but I really hope they can find a way out.  One of my regulars loves coming out to hear my music (tonight I had a Stevie Wonder mixtape blasting through my little boombox)…they call him Alabama and he stays over by Prairie Ave.  Sometimes he is completely drunk and just dances to the music the whole time, and other times he is sober and just wants to say hi.  He always says, “I knew it was you because I could hear your music!!!”  No matter what, he always brings a smile to our faces, and it’s these simple, yet significant, interactions that really make the Food Truck special to be a part of.

But, the whole night was not rosy on the truck…(by the way, thank you to the gentleman that donated that new truck to us…we thoroughly enjoyed the heat tonight….our old truck did not have heat!!!)…because we came upon a set of two Providence police cars and a fire truck with their lights flashing on Broad Street…and sure enough, there was a woman completely laid out (drunk, high, not really sure, but she looked to be in a really bad way) and she had one of the yellow Live It Up hoodies we gave away last year as Christmas presents to the homeless.  I still am not quite sure who it was…but to see that woman laying on the side of the road, completely motionless, broke my heart and I still can’t get the image out of my head.  Imagine, last year at Christmastime, she came into the church and we gave her a sweatshirt…10 months later she is using it to keep her warm, but is passed out on the side of the road…

It hurts me even more because tomorrow we have another event for our homeless women…tomorrow morning, at our office, we are hosting another I Need You To Survive event, where we bus homeless women in and give them free makeovers, haircuts, dyes, etc…the difference between being passed out on Broad Street and showing up to our event tomorrow could be razor-thin for these ladies…and I hope that we can help them all!

In fact, to tie it all together, let me take this opportunity to brag on Maria…I first met Maria several years ago at a shelter on Cranston Street.  She was doing ok, but still getting into trouble in certain areas…fast-forward a few years, she has turned things around significntly…she is off the streets in her own apartment with her new husband (she and William recently celebrated their one-year-anniversary!  they were married through The Covenant, another service provided through the RI Dream Center) and Maria and her husband are super-faithful in helping me on Friday nights with the Food Truck.  Tomorrow, she will be dropping by to take part of INU2S to get her hair done…I am sooooo happy that Maria is moving in the right direction and am extremely proud of her.  As I drove by the woman laying on the street tonight, I was struck by the thought of how many other women this woman was representing, and as I looked over at Maria, I thought to myself, “how can we help more and more and more….just one at a time….just make an impact….just be there to help someone make a change…”…I’ll cry myself to sleep tonight thinking about that woman passed out on the side of the road…police and rescue were taking care of her…I’m so glad that Maria is helping to take care of others…

Well, Dream Center Diary, I think that is enough for tonight…we will be back at it soon…as I think about all the ways people are touched in that building on a nightly basis, I am truly excited about what our future holds…imagine the impact you and I can make together for those less fortunate throughout the next fifty years!!!

Thanks so much for coming back to check in!

November is right around the corner…and you know what that means…colder weather, Thanksgiving, family-time, Christmas, winter…but we’re not there just yet…

November 16 kicks off National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week (check out the National Coalition for the Homeless website for more info (http://www.nationalhomeless.org/projects/awareness/index.html)…and that means the Dream Center is preparing for our annual Hope for the Homeless event.

As in years past, we’re handing out 300 backpacks filled with winter necessities to the homeless to help them prepare for the upcoming winter.   Passing out backpacks has become one of my most favorite traditions, and I am so proud of the team for faithfully raising funds, filling backpacks, and handing them out year after year.

If you have a chance, take a look at this video from a couple of years ago:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_fWbJuPr5k   On that day we passed out backpacks then blessed the ladies with makeovers 🙂

It really brings things into perspective for me, working with folks who have no more than what they can carry in their backpack everyday…even for those that are sleeping in shelters, most need to load all their belongings up into the backpack when they are forced out in the morning and need to carry everything they own with them all day until they can find some rest back at the shelter later that night.

We relish the opportunity to bless them with a brand new backpack filled with things that you and I often take for granted.  This year, we expect to stuff the backpacks with the following:

  • Socks
  • Hat
  • Gloves
  • Scarf
  • Blanket
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Lotion
  • Toothpaste
  • Toothbrush
  • Soap
  • Deodorant
  • Razor
  • Shaving cream
  • Comb
  • Nail clipper
  • Bible
  • Kleenex
  • Toilet tissue
  • Umbrella
  • First aid kits
  • Lip balm
  • Cocoa packets
  • Instant soup
  • Hairbrush
  • Towel Powder/foot powder
  • Facecloth
  • Peanut butter crackers
  • Oatmeal Packet
  • Pocket warmers
  • Cough drops

Yeah, it’s a lot…but this might be the only gift some of these individuals gets this year…and if we can help one person survive another cold RI Winter then we are going to do EVERYTHING in our power to do so.

So, if there is anything you can do to help, it would be greatly appreciated.

You might find a great deal on hand warmers and tooth brushes, or you might want to donate to the cause…whatever you can do to help would be greatly appreciated.  Every little bit helps – your gift might be that gift that helps someone.

Here’s how you can get involved…

  • buy supplies and drop them off at our office at 330 Park Ave. in Cranston
  • send us a check made payable to the RI Dream Center and drop it in the mail
  • donate electronically through the PayPal link on our website:  http://ridreamcenter.com/index.php/donors/

We have one more unique opportunity as well.  We are having a walk-a-thon to help raise awareness and will be selling sponsorships that will be displayed on the team’s RIDC t-shirts.  For a gift of $50, we will list your business name on the t-shirt announcing your sponsorship of this great event.

Every little bit helps…  We really appreciate any donations you can help us with.

Thanks so much for checking in today – be sure to check in soon for future posts to the Dream Center Diary!

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