Pre-Motorcycle Run Details

Hi all,

We will be holding a meeting for all who would like to volunteer for the Motorcycle Run on May 3rd at 6:30 in the fellowship hall at PT.  If you would like to help us out with the run that day, we encourage you to please make every effort to come to the meeting to get information for the whole plan and set up for the day of, especially if you have never been to a run before.

Also, if you would like to ride, please visit our website to register.  You also may register the morning of the run as well.

If anyone is interested in being a tee shirt sponsor, the cost is $75 and your name or business name, will go on the back of the tee shirts that all the riders wear and what we sell.  You will receive a free tee shirt as well.  If you are interested in sponsoring, please contact me at

Any questions………please feel free to contact me.

Thank you for all you do and God bless!

Thank You,

Sharon Cogean

St. Patrick’s Day Parade 2016

Last year I wrote about how snow and cold couldn’t stop us from marching in the Providence St. Patrick’s Day Parade – this year it was a bit nippy but at least it was nice and sunny!  Perfect for a parade in March in Providence….

There were about 15 of us marching together today, representing Live it Up and the RI Dream Center.  Most of us have been (or still are) homeless at one point in our lives, and I am so proud of how we are taking steps in the right direction to move forward with our lives…the stories I could tell you… It felt great to march down the parade route and have the public acknowledge what we do and cheer us on for the progress we are making.

Here’s a pic from last year:

And here’s some pics from this year:



Uncle Andy

before the paradebobby shamrock

bobby shamrock2

Bobby Shamrock 2 years in a row!

cam n kb


No doubt!

erin go bragh

insta crew

Great crew



me in the truck

me photobombing

She is photo bombing him, and I am photo bombing her from inside the truck!

monkey n mom

Mother n son

niece n nephew

ridc hoodies

Representing our RIDC Hoodies!

the crew

Life-lasting memories

thumbs up

Thumbs Up!

truck photo bombing

Even the Food Truck is getting in on the photo-bombing!!!


Newport Creamery!

william matt

I’m not sure I can articulate how special it is for these individuals to walk in the parade…on this day, the city is cheering them on and reminding them just how special they are regardless if they are have’s or have-not’s…I am soooo proud of everyone who marched in the parade with me this year.

And here’s a video of Bobby Shamrock battle-dancing the Big Naso…and winning?  

Switching gears…One of my friends from work made a huge impact with us during this parade.  This friend goes to the parade every year.  When she heard the Food Truck was going to be in the parade 3 years ago, she and her Dad put together over 50 St. Patrick’s Day cards with $5 Dunkin Donut gift cards in each one for us to hand out from the Food Truck to the street people we see along the route…it was pretty awesome…this year, though, she went all out…she worked with her co-workers to raise over $600 and put together more that 125 gift certificates for us to hand out.   It was such an amazing time blessing the financially poor with a smile, a hug, and a $5 Dunkin Donut giftcard for no other reason than “just because”.  I wish the world had more of this kind of love in it…Friend, thanks for all your hard work, you did an amazing job – you and our co-workers are amazing!!!!!


I’m already excited for what next year holds!!!!  We already decided we are making bannners/flags/signs for next year’s parade!!

Thanks for checking  in!  You are amazing!

Liberty Tax Services Fundraiser

Liberty Tax Service_Rhode Island Dream Center Fundraiser_March 2016

Hello, haven’t gotten your taxes done yet?  Looking to make a donation to the RI Dream Center?

Why not ask the good folks over at Liberty Tax Services if they can prepare your taxes for free…

Believe it or not, they will! Liberty Tax Services actually prepare the taxes of first-time customers for free when those customers donate at least $50 to the RI Dream Center!

Sounds like a great opportunity to get your taxes done and to donate to a very worthy cause all at the same time!

Please check out the link below for more details!  

Liberty Tax Service_Rhode Island Dream Center Fundraiser_March 2016

You don’t even need to print this voucher out, just pulling it up on your phone will work just fine.  

So please, share this post, and donate to the RI Dream Center through Liberty Tax Services.




5k Walkathon this weekend

Hello there, some of the physical therapy students from NE Tech decided to organize a walkathon fundraiser with all proceeds going directly to the RI Dream Center.

The walk starts at 1130 on Saturday March 5th at the RI Dream Center building (330 Park Ave in Cranston), and registration is between 9 and 11.

I encourage each and every one of you to get involved, either by coming out to walk with us, by sponsoring a walker, or by donating to the cause directly.

The walk will start at the Dream Center and then move in to Roger Williams Park.

For more information, check out our website.

Registration is only $5, but any and all donations are appreciated.

Let me know if you have any questions at all.  Thanks so much for all your support!

A note from Early Seekers

Here’s a note I received from our Early Seekers team, who were out first thing in the morning yesterday. Many of the regular volunteers who prepare food for this team were away this week, so the team was worried they might not have enough,  but we found some friends that jumped in to fill the gap.

What a blessed morning at Kennedy Plaza this Saturday, It all went according to God’s Plan. We passed out 375 sandwiches and 14 bags of clothing and a bag of hand warmers. The homeless were so thankful and blessed by all of you. thank you all once again for your faithfulness in prayer and all you do to bless the Homeless. You make it happen

A very special thank you to Andrea Smith and the Help the homeless in Rhode Island, who donated over 200 sandwiches, snacks  and sodas, etc. What a huge blessing this was to the Homeless and the Early Seekers. Thanks with all our hearts for filling in the gap for those who  were not able to make them as they are away.  God bless all of you for your labor of love. Angels to the rescue!

Some of the homeless asked us to pray with them:

Lidia  Healing miracle of her heart problem.

Brian  Healing miracle of his cancer.

Dino  continued prayer for his complete recovery from knee surgery

Pat had 2 total knee replacements and is in so much pain please pray for her healing , and quick recovery.

Sharon  healing  and special unspoken

Mark  special unspoken

Barbara needs many miracles in her family 

Barbara different Barbara for her and her family

Kenny  God knows

Maria deliverance 

L & K & R & R special unspoken

Ron Healing from cancer and family

Erin  God knows

Molly  Healing

Scott  God knows

Shanna  God knows

Robert  God knows

Matthew  God knows

Andy  God knows

Paul  God knows

Richard  his needs

Helen  her needs

Gloria  her needs

Wendy  her needs

David E  his needs

Francis  his needs

David  God knows 

G  finances and special unspoken

Maria  Needs a job  Pray for her and her children as well

I Need You To Survive

Thanks to all the amazing volunteers and to the students and administrators at Paul Mitchell, I Need You To Survive recently held another free event which provided  head-to-toe makeovers for homeless and low-income women from Providence.  It’s amazing to see how much this program has grown over the years, and I am very excited to see where it is headed!!!

If we can do something to bring a smile to someone’s face, let’s do it!!!


Cyber Monday Shopping?

Hello,  if you’re doing any online shopping this holiday session, be sure to shop at your favorite stores with this link.

A portion of the sales will be donated to the Dream Center at no cost to you.