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Hope all is well…we are all working our way through another snowy Winter Season here in Southern New England…hope you enjoy reading the most recent update from Ginny of the Early Seekers Team:

We had another awesome morning  having  fellowship with the precious souls at Kennedy  Plaza and passing out lunches, Coffee, Bananas,clothing, toiletries  Etc. Everyone was so thankful for everything. Thank you all once again for  making lunches, donating clothing , for all you do and all your prayers.  May God bless you all. Thank you Lord for all the Provisions, all the love and  team work and allowing  us all to be a part in this blessed  ministry. Thank you Lord that souls are being saved and set free through  your Holy Spirit. To God be the Glory.  

As far as food goes, we are in great need of the following:

  • Coffee
  • Soda
  • Water
  • Juice
  • Creamer
  • Brown paper bags
  • Snack bags
  • Sandwich bags
  • Sugar & sugar substitute
  • Mustard
  • Mayonnaise
  • Peanut Butter
  • Jelly
  • Snacks

If you would like to donate,  please drop off your donations in the church kitchen and label it “Early Seekers”  Thanks so much for your support.

Here are the types of clothes the homeless have been asking us for lately:

  • Warm Winter Clothing
  • Pants
  • Shirts
  • Jeans
  • Sweat Pants
  • Sweat Shirts
  • Thermalwear
  • Gloves
  • Hats
  • Shoes
  • Boots
  • Sneakers
  • Jackets
  • Hoodies
  • Socks
  • Backpacks

We are on the lookout for new or lightly used Warm Clothing. If you would like to bless the homeless Please see Jan or Ginny.  Thanks & God Bless.

Often the homeless will ask us to pray with them for something specific – here are some of their needs – you might like to pray for them as well:
  • Hilda  please continue to pray that her lung  biopsy comes back cancer free and for her healing miracle
  • Liz   Please continue to pray for her   complete healing  miracle and that she can swallow
  • Lidia   Healing miracle of her heart problem
  • Scott  Healing miracle of his blood clots
  • Raymond   Healing miracle of his cancer
  • Joseph G   Healing miracle of his  cancer
  • Peter   was with his Girl 2 1/2 years and  they broke up he misses her much, Pray for strength for him to get through this.
  • Robert  is in a program and doing well, This is  an answer to your prayers for him and will be a miracle for him and his family  when he is totally free as his addiction  was killing him and has been  a tremendous heart ache and hard ship on his loved ones. Satan don’t like this  and has made it even harder for him as another person in the program is  constantly harassing him, Please continue to pray him through for strength to  continue on. God is greater, In Jesus name may he gain the victory.
  • Barbara  needs many miracles in her family,  Please continue to keep her and her family in pray for break through.
  • Robert  Healing of his foot, finances & god  knows
  • Linda  is doing better, another answer to your  prayers, please continue to keep her in your prayers for healing of depression  and God knows
  • David   speedy recovery from his surgery
  • Barbara   Healing miracle from   Pain & Arthritis  & for her family
  • Maria   healing miracle deliverance
  • Anna   God knows
  • Cindy & Ron  For God’s provision and  protection and souls to be save as they witness on the trail
  • Anthony   finances & family
  • Ronnie   complete healing
  • Ronnie in jail and His wife and 3 children
  • Lisa   Complete healing of her Dad And  mother & step father and Blessings on Lisa and her family
  • Carlos   God knows
  • Joe A   God knows
  • Paul M   Heart Disease
  • Michael  is addiction free 1 month  please  pray for continued strength on his recovery road
  • Jeff   God knows
  • William   Salvation for him and his family
  • Felix   Health
  • Joseph  needs a blanket he sleeps out side
  • Job    good health and peace 
  • Raymond   needs size 11 sneakers
  • Kevin    a home & God knows
  • Felicia  sees her Doctor Feb.  she will be  getting surgery on her throat, she also will be getting cortisone shots for her  legs, Please pray for her healing.
  • Robert  Has a Praise Report He has a job and  apartment, thanks for your prayers again
  •  Al   God knows
  • Steve   God knows
  • Paul   His needs
  • Dean   finances
  • Audrey    her needs
  • Cheryl   her needs
  • George   needs a home  sleeps out side  all year for years
  • Jim   his needs
  • Kevin   his needs
  • Sharon    Her needs
  • Chris   her needs
  • Andy   his needs
  • Brian   God knows
  • David   his needs
  • David E   His needs
  • Sharon   God knows
  • Mark   God knows
Thanks, love & prayers from Kennedy Plaza &  Crossroads Early Seekers
God bless and Have a great week

I invite you to read this morning’s interesting update from the Early Seekers team:

A  BEAUTIFUL KP Morning to you all this January 11, 2014! 

We are still in need of some Spanish-speaking volunteers  so we can communicate better with our Spanish-speaking friends in need.

Please let us know if you can help donate sandwiches on a weekly basis.

Praise God for another blessed day at KP. God blessed us by holding off  the rain that was predicted and we were able to pass out lunches, clothing, sandwiches, coffee, juices, soda, water and snacks and keep warm and dry!  All the homeless are so thankful for your kindness and thoughtfulness  in all you have and are still continuing to give …..You are such a wonderful blessing to this ministry. 
Thank you for all you do!    We  love you!
Some of the homeless asked us to pray for them while we handed out sandwiches this morning.  Please take a moment to read them and say a prayer for those less fortunate. You might even be able to answer someone’s prayer yourself….maybe you have that jacket or pair of boots someone needs…
  • Lily …  Family
  • Paul …. restoration of all he has lost
  • Ray … Family issues and all his friends
  • Wayne… continued healing for lung cancer
  • Allen… we did not see him this week …Praying all is well with him and all our other friends who were not there this morning
  • Kevin….  Needs an apartment and healing for heart problems
  • Bill…  God knows
  • Darnell….  For God to continue to be with him
  • Katherine …. she needs a home, lives at the shelter
  • Gary Brooks…. stay sober and get closer to God
  • Steven …. Continued prayer for  healing of his Head problems
  • Kevin Alexander…..needs Timberland boots for work. size 8 1/2 .
  • Ken …. God knows
  • Julia…. financial help  and for her children and family
  • Frances…. Loves the Lord and the LIU service…  said he cant wait to come again.
  •  Jason…. still giving his testimony of how God saved him from dying after being in a coma from drug overdose. Asks that we keep him in prayer to continue to stay clean and do God’s work.
  • Inez …. and all her Spanish friends who are at KP  every week. They always get blessed from all that you provide for them… They speak Spanish primarily but do understand a little English …  so we have a little trouble communicating with them.we have invited them to come to pt several times and they always seem enthused about coming… but have not as yet. Pray that they will come and find the love of God  and  meet all of you and find  the love of all you who pray and provide for them.
  • Haji  ….    He needs a 1x or 2x size  winter jacket. (he asks us every week)…if anyone has one they no longer need and can  donate please see Jan or Ginny. He is wearing a leather jacket now,  but I think he needs  a winter storm jacket as well …. being out in the snowy and winter cold.
  • Jackie… Desperately is seeking  a place to live and is growing weary from all the stress. Please pray she finds  an apt and that God will be with her and give her peace.
  • 3 young  girls…  pray that they get off the streets and that they will be open to what God is directing  for their lives
  • Cheryl…..  her daughter  just gave birth to a baby boy… Cheryl is so blessed to have a new grandbaby …she was so proud showing us his picture with her bright beautiful smile… and asks Gods blessing on him and their family .
  • Joseph….   grateful for  the blanket and toiletries
  • Felicia ….  was not there today not sure if she had  her surgery yet… suppose to have surgery last week on a blockage in her throat… Pray for healing 
  • Ray…..   for his daughter to stay safe and well…Also is grateful that God has helped him with his finances and he was able to purchase a used car and pay it all off..  This is also the man  I had asked  for prayer for last week that God would lift his spirits. Praise God ! He  was blessed with a settlement check he had been waiting on.
  • Esta   ….   needs a place to stay…and asks for strength  to get thru.
  • Maria…. for her and  her children 0
  • Giovani….  For his kids
  • Jessica….   God knows
  • Isabella.. Still .Needs jeans /slacks size 16
  • Andy….     Our own faithful usher at pt.  That God will meet all his needs and bless him abundantly..  he is always there at kp helping us each week too. Thank you Andy !
  • Walter ….  Place to stay, and for him to reunite with his  children 
  •  Grady … healing for his leg
  •  Antonio …   God knows
  •  Dave ….  Has many needs…. has been living on the streets many years… always sweet ,and polite and always asks  for prayer to find a home .. LOVES, LOVES, LOVES YOUR EGG SALAD SANDWICHES!!!
  • Louise….     still in  need of size 7 ladies underwear   
  • Dave….   this man use to come to PT many years ago… we had not seen him  for a long time.  He needs a home ..  and  pray that God  will break through all the barriers in his life.
  •  Erwin….   said ” lets pray  that the Pats win !!! ”  Yay ! Go Pats !!!
  • Steve….    Needs a home and financial blessings
  • Mario….   God knows
  • Lucy  ….   size 9 sneakers  
  •  Brian ….   God Knows…… also needs size 36/34 jeans  and size 10 timberland boots.
  • Paul …… for his sister Suzanne and Karen
  • George ….. God Knows
  • Charles ….. still needs a job… looking for work so he can get off the streets.
  • Ginny ….. on the mend from her sinus infection …continue to pray for complete healing.

Prayer for all who are ill and all who need healing and relief from any pain and suffering. May God’s healing hand  restore them with new health and strength.  For our brothers and sisters who are struggling with addictions , also those who have been freed from them but may have fallen victim to it again…. May God’s love and mercy reach down and pick them up and help them to start over and begin anew. And may their healings  become a testimony to others who may need help and encouragement . Lord restore the broken …restore lives… that you may be glorified. Lord send us  counselors and mentors so that those who are on the road to recovery may be encouraged and stay committed  and find the path God has planned for them.

Open the floodgates of heaven Lord to bring peace and joy to the broken hearted to those whose eyes are filled with tears , to the lost and confused… to those who are seeking to find something that will satisfy ..Let them see and hear your voice speaking and drawing them to yourself. For you oh Lord are all that we need…. You are calling us to yourself …. you are all that they are seeking…. Some looking in all the wrong places… Unknowingly…  they are seeking YOU lord …. .. ONLY YOU can satisfy our souls.  You alone are all that matters.You alone can make all things right. Break thru the walls and barriers that have built up and keep them bound .

Housing for the homeless

 Financial blessings  for those who just can’t make ends meet 
Jobs for the unemployed
Lord Bless all those who are faithful in prayer and deed…. and in giving the provisions that are so desperately needed in this ministry.
Lord please meet the needs of all who read this…also  all who are in need in our church family as well. and all those ( who…. due to making some wrong decisions along the way in life) have lost so much of themselves and are out there trying to survive…. and have little to next to nothing to live on.
We ask lord that you renew and restore the hope that so many have lost.  Restore the lives of those who can’t seem to find their way back to you.