Monthly Archives: May 2015

Cool little story from tonight…I was out shopping for Food Truck supplies at Price Rite and I was wearing my green and yellow RIDC hoody.  

A lady comes up to me and asks “are you the people that give out the backpacks to the homeless?”  

“We sure are….how can I help you?”  I responded.

“I have a slightly used nice backpack…can you use it?  I heard you prefer used backpacks.”

“We actually give out new backpacks every year, but people ask me for backpacks all the time – so if you have a used one you are looking give to someone, I would be happy to help get that backpack to someone who really needs it!”

We chit-chatted about the Dream Center for a bit, and she will be dropping off the backpack for me sometime within the next week or so…

Just goes to show you – you never know who might be out there – someone who is looking for help OR even someone who is looking to help…keep your eyes peeled, your ears and heart open, and a smile on your face….who knows what a trip to Price Rite might turn into…


We are having our Motorcycle Run this year!!!

For 15 bucks (early registration) you get a t-shirt, some yummy food, a fun ride, AND you get to support an amazing organization.

Please share this info with all your friends and family!  You don’t have to be a rider to be in on this!!!

Events like this make it possible for us to hand out backpacks full of winter supplies to the homeless every year!!!!


Here is the registration form:

2015 HFTM Registration form (1)

If you are a company (or an individual or group) that would like to sponsor us for $50 (we’ll add your name to the back of the t-shirts the riders wear!!). fill out the sheet below and send it in:

2015 Gift Card - T-Shirt Sponsor form

For more information, hit me up at 401-396-2743 or!!!