Check out the awesome email I just received from my friend Ginny:


Ramona Brown 


Ramona Brown 
Family,  The 2 Pictures above were taken by Ramoma Brown. 

The Rhode Island Dream Center, Hope for the Homeless Back Pack give away on the State House Lawn This Saturday Morning that all of You made possible.
Around 350 or more Back Packs were given out, Along With over 35 Huge bags of clothing and Lunches and Coffee, That all of you so generously donated. 

 Once again you have blessed hundreds  of lives as you  continue to do so each and every week, these are the people you serve. 

The very same people you serve At Kennedy Plaza and Crossroads each week. They once again were in awe and so very thankful. You make it Happen! God bless you all.  

It brings tears of great joy  to your eyes to see how thankful and blessed, They are and that God has blessed us all with a family that serves together in unity, with loving giving hearts and so many giving out of their very own need.
 See Chuck  passing out the back packs and the long line of Hundreds of people in Picture  below.


Thanks for capturing these  pictures Ramona.
Thank you Andrea Smith and Romona Brown for helping us pass out all the clothing out. 

Thank you to Chuck Johnson and all those who loaded the truck with Back Packs and all the clothing bags.

Thank you to George Stockwell for making the coffee.

Thanks to all those who donated there time and served in any way. God bless you all.

What a huge Blessing !!!!!!!!!! 
After speaking to the homeless today,  they let us know about the following
great needs: warm winter gloves Gloves Men’s Jeans size 32 to 44 and one  mansize 50 ,Sweat shirts sweat pants, Hoodies ,jackets ,socks,  Clean ,warm winter clothing ! All the men are asking for pants!!!!!
Thank you’s were so many and so genuine, And one Young Man Made the sign of the cross and pounded on his heart and blew kisses and a blessing of the cross  and said thank you all so much Angels!! for the coat and socks we gave him.
Another man Put on a coat we gave him and he said with the biggest smile on his face look at me in this awesome coat it fits me just right and it is so warm thanks with all my heart, this is so perfect for me.
Prayer List from the homeless:
Veronica  Needs healing of the infection in her spine
June Is having tests to see if there is a tumor in her spine, She keeps loosing more and more weight, she goes to live it up service each week.
Joe Alvanege  his house burned down
Matthew Needs Large , xlarge Hoodie
 Hilda Healing miracle of her aorta and spot on her lung, and her and all her family and friends battling cancer.
Elizabeth  Her needs
Eddie Housing And safety
Maude Her needs
Morali His needs
Felecia needs x large coat
Al  needs size 32 or 33 Jeans 
  Bruce,Serinity ,Monkey, and family their needs
David  his needs
Joe  his needs
Severo  His needs
Johnathon and his wife Keteri  Their needs
Joe A  his needs
Christina  God knows
Archie God knows 
George  Homeless
George Different 
George God knows
Michelle  Her needs
Lisa  Her needs
Joe needs pants size 36
Richard  his needs
Sandra Dee Deliverance
Rick  God knows
Anna  Her needs
Maria and her children  their needs
Gloria  her needs
Helen  her needs 
Joe  his needs
David  his needs
David different David God knows
David different David  His needs
Derrick His needs
Francis his needs
Andy  God knows
Wendy  Her needs and health
David E.  His needs
Lois  her needs
Tracy her needs
Sue  her needs
S&G  their needs
Jan healing
Chuck and Joanne to get house finished soon
William  Healing
Maria Healing
 Jeff’s friend Paulie  over dosed and passed away , His mom and family
All those struggling with addictions especially during the holidays which is a very hard time for them.
C& C  God knows
Gerry  his needs
Rick  his needs 
Scott Said The Convention Center feeds 1,000.00 People the Saturday before Christmas Puts on an awesome dinner  between 11:30 and 4:30 and Between 10 and 11 am people line up for the coats they give away and he said they also give Back Packs loaded with stuff.
Barbara needs many miracles in her family
Erin  God knows 
 Scott God knows
 Shanna God knows 
Robert God knows
Alica B. needs size 3 xl shirts and pants size 2xl  401 688- 1155
Joe needs 5xl or 6 xl Hoodie Pants waist size 50
Joseph His needs
David Quinn needs healing miracle of bladder Cancer
Erin  to end homelessness
Ronnie  Healing Linda Healing Ken & family their needs
Shelia  her needs
Brian  needs a home and asks for pray for homeless women to get a shelter
Nicole her needs
Steven  Safe pregancy for his baby
Amos S, His friend Linda having seziures in hospital
Dawn  her needs
Lee Ann her needs
Richard His liver and kidneys are failing clean and sober 15 months
Lisa  her sister had a stroke
Jackie  her needs
Francis friend with cancer
Ilio  his dog died
Denise  having a baby
Michael  His needs and his girl Nicola is in Jail
Sandra to stop smoking
Barbara  everything
Barbara different Barbara  Health and for her family
Rick sobriety 
Lidia ,Amanda And Baby Leo please continue to pray for them Sharon  healing and her needs
Mark God knows
All the homeless 
All who are struggling with addictions
All who bless  this ministry and their family
All who are ill and in pain
All ministries
Dream Center
You and your family

Thank you Love and prayers  from the homeless and the Early Seekers
God bless and have a great week.