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One of our great volunteers, Ginny, sent me an email this morning providing me with the following update on today’s happenings with Early Seekers down at Kennedy Plaza.  They are down there (and at Crossroads) every single Saturday morning handing out clothes and bagged-lunches to the homeless as they are getting off the buses (most shelters close early in the morning and the homeless have nowhere to go but the bus station).  The Food Truck gets a lot of publicity, but the Early Seekers are the very essence of RI Dream Center.  I hope you enjoy her update as much as I do:

What an awesome morning we had at Kennedy Plaza, It  was  so exciting to see so many of them with the backpacks we passed out on  November 16th,  Praise God!  God bless you all once again for making  it all possible and for all you do all year long.

We had the honor of having Bob Ekno with us this morning. He brought Clothing to pass out. He is the host of  a Christian talk show In California which gives all beautiful testimonies of how  God turned peoples’ lives around. He is also the author Of the book “God bless America  before it is too Late.” He Also works with the homeless in Calif.  He is up here  visiting his family and plans on coming to PT tomorrow also.  He was so touched with all we do at Kennedy  Plaza . the food truck etc . Even though it was a whooping 14 degrees out , he stayed the whole time, It must have been extra cold for him as he came from  much warmer climate. God bless him. 

We had the honor of Christina & Randy helping on  the food truck this morning. God Bless you

We passed out many bags of clothing and shoes and  blankets and many lunches as well and People were so thankful. 

Here are some of thing things we are thankful for…

A man we gave some clothing to, we gave him a canvas bag to put his clothing in and then we noticed that the top of the bag was torn, so I said oh wait a minute that bag is ripped We will get you another bag, we have a lot more.

He Insisted that the bag  we gave him was fine he said see I just fold it over like this, save the other bags for someone else, This is good. I said God bless you he said no God bless all of you I am just so thankful  for the clothing and al you do.  Wow! How many of us might be hot under the collar if someone gave us a torn bag? Talk about being thankful!!!!! Beautiful people with thankful hearts. ( Brings tears to your eyes)

John  a homeless man gave me $2:00 and said I want to make a donation, this is so awesome all you do here. I want to help out he said. I said God bless you, He said no God Bless all of you. ( brings tears to you eyes)        

A homeless Lady came to us and said I have a whole bunch of cloth ,canvas and sturdy bags with handles on them for you to give to people to carry their clothes in. I said oh that is so very nice of you God bless you, She said No God bless all of you for the awesome work you do here. (It brings tears to your eyes) how they want to be a part  of Giving and how thankful they are.

Ken:  My sister Jan had bought some backpacks and supplies with her own money to give to anyone who did not get one and really needed one. Last week Ken said I don’t have anything and Jan said I will bring you a backpack with supplies in it. So she Gave it to him and he was so thankful. He opened it and found the bag of toiletries in it and came running back with the bag of toiletries in his hands and said oh my God I need these so much, I can’t thank you enough. He was also thrilled with the hat scarf gloves other supplies and the backpack. Praise God. And God bless Jan For his and all the others she gave out. They were so thankful also.       

Many People were so hungry they ate their sandwiches as soon as we gave them to them and because it was the first of the month and there were not as many people there we had extra sandwiches and we gave some of them another  Sandwich and they ate that second sandwich right away and said i was so hungry Thank you so very much

Many People said that they went to Praise Tabernacle on thanksgiving day for the Thanksgiving Dinner they served, They all said what an awesome dinner and that the people at that church were so warm and loving and they want to come to our church. LOVE Speaks once again!!!!!!

A special thank you Veronica,  Barbara Sista, (Ginny Tom’s aunt) and Jan also the other Jan for the lovely things you donated and (Susan Jan’s daughter) for all the lovely shoes and sneakers and To Paul Jan’s brother- in – law for the beautiful leather all the jackets, hats scarfs and gloves and to all of you and your friends, coworkers and relatives Who donated clothing Etc, All went and they were so thankful . You really blessed  them. God bless you. Also thanks again for your Prayers Lunch and all you do. God bless you all.

Some of the people we serve ask us to pray for them…see below:

  • Sharon will have surgery on Dec 2, 2013 on her elbow ,please keep her in prayer for peace,  Her surgery and a speedy recovery.
  • Liz  Brenda’s mother Please  continue to keep her in pray for peace and a speedy recovery for completely healing and That she can swallow . please pray for Brenda as well
  • Tracy please keep her and her family in prayer
  • Brandon  God knows      
  • Joseph Guilmette Cancer healing miracle
  • John cancer of the  lung  healing miracle
  • Gracie   Cancer healing miracle
  • Scott  please continue to keep him in prayer for healing Blood clots
  • Jordan   God knows      
  • Maria healing back pain & For her family
  • Barbara Needs many miracles in her family
  • Robert  miracle deliverance      
  • Bobby   Healing of back pain
  • Car miracle deliverance      
  • C miracle deliverance      
  • Maria healing miracle deliverance      
  • Brian   God knows      
  • Christina  God knows      
  • Paul  God knows      
  • Hilda & Gary  God knows      
  • Lidia & her family
  • K   Job & God knows      
  • Linda  Inner healing & salvation
  • Ronnie in Jail and his wife and 3 babies
  • Ron   complete healing 
  • Randy   God knows
  • Ken healing of his back      
  • Anthony finances
  • Bobby finances and healing of his foot
  • S&G  God knows       
  • Kara   that she gets he surgery soon and the outcome is great
  • J&T  God knows      
  • Barbara  different Barbara  Her & Family God knows
  • Ron & Cindy on the trail for  God’s protection and provision and for all they witness to.
  • Billy  Healing depression
  • Willy  his  needs
  • William Salvation for him & family
  • Jeff  God knows      
  • David & family God knows      
  • George   God knows      
  • David Homeless sleeps out in the freezing  cold
  • Brian  a miracle deliverance      
  • David  needs surgery       
  • John   his needs      
  • Richard   God knows         
  • Anna   every thing goes well this week
  • Lenny  needs Jeans size 34
  • Ray family & friends Mom      
  • Lisa stay bright and beautiful      
  • George job change it to better,  wants to go to school
  • Elisa Family , Masa, HNA, Esteba      
  • Francis great week
  • Estell Vega family, niece, Gunilaughil, Juan, Husband Dominigo 
  • Walter  his needs      
  • Raymond healing cancer      
  • Andy  special week      
  • Kenny Thanks for back pack< pray for him as he goes to court
  • Nancy   self      
  • Eugene   his needs      
  • Lauren   has  stitches  in her head, Her x boy friend beat her up , pray for her healing and protection , she was in the hospital in  conn. and she was in a coma , she almost died
  • Jose   pray everything continues to go well with court & judge, so far it has worked out, he says praise God
  • Brian  family to stay safe
  • Gary   his needs      
  • Brian  the good Bad & the ugly and girlfriends & daughters, He needs a cane
  • Francis  Service men & women to come home safe
  •  Needs a queen bedspread or comforter and blanket, And Back pack
  • Willie  double  prayer
  • Joafuir   Health      
  • Robert   His kids      
  • Marie  Pray for her and her children
  • Terrance    Housing application in
  • Heather  Her boyfriend Jerry Got denied 5x for ssi and he is mentally disable, Because he had drugs in his back ground but has been clean for 2 years
  • Jose   Heart, self      
  • George  his needs      
  • Mike have a good day      
  • Lousie    Housing      
  • Ken peace in the world and a better year needs 2x flannel underware
  • Adrian Hurey   his needs      
  • L& R   God knows      
  • Ron  God knows      
  • Chris God knows       
  • G  finances
  • Bob   God knows
  • Morales Hunez   His needs      
  • All the homeless
  • Pastor’s & their family      
  • Church family and their family      
  • all who bless this ministry      
  • All ministries
  • All who are sick
  • Addictions to be broken      

Thank you and love & prayers from the Homeless & the Early Seekers.

God bless and have a great week


Hey, thanks for checking in!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

The RIDC is wrapping up another year, and we have sooooo much to be thankful for. This has been a banner year a for the RI Dream Center and we have been given the opportunity to help more people this year than other year.

Today, we partnered with a number of local organizations for the largest Thanksgiving Day dinner we’ve ever been a part of.  A full turkey dinner with all the fixings and dessert was provided to RI’s homeless for free in a wonderful event this afternoon.

Many thanks to all the other volunteers who spent time organizing the event, setting up for the big day, driving the buses and picking the homeless up and then dropping them back off where they are staying, cooking all that wonderful food, serving graciously, greeting our guests, cleaning up throughout the event and setting the church back up after the event was over.   You did an amazing job.

Thank you, volunteers and sponsors of this event – you made this day possible.  Volunteers from the organizations below raised all the donations, did all the cooking, and supplied all the volunteers:

One guest I met (named Darnell) was so thankful for the meal…with a great big smile he told me, “My plate was so full, I couldn’t fit any more food on it!!!  I don’t want any more turkey an entire year!  Thanks so much!!!”

Some of our guests sleep at Harrington Hall, a men’s shelter on the ACI campus – Harrington Hall’s roof leaked pretty badly yesterday and into the night last night, and some of the guys told me their beds had gotten wet from the rain – and in this cold weather it makes it so much worse.  Apparently, Harrington Hall is partitioned off right now, with fewer open beds than normal.  I’m so glad we were able to bring some smiles to some faces today – especially knowing what they went through last night and what they have to look forward to tonight…

Thanks to all. I am truly sorry if I missed saying thanks to anyone…although from what I witnessed today, with so many volunteers coming together as one and acting as one cohesive unit, I’m pretty sure you aren’t worried about getting the proper credit…your satisfaction comes from within!

I know it really warmed the hearts of the volunteers to be able to come together as one group and serve the needy.

Thanks to all who support the RIDC throughout the year.  Please remember the churches and non-profits listed above this giving season, and please support those restaurants listed above this holiday season!!!

Hope you have as much fun today with your family as we did with ours!!!

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Check out this great article posted by Mark Schieldrop in the Cranston Patch.  This is not an RIDC event, but we think it’s a great idea!!!  Details Barbershop is giving free haircuts to the guys at Harrington Hall in a couple of weeks.  It’s a great cause to get behind, and I am sure they would appreciate any donations you can give them.

If you want to help, Details Barbershop is located at 891 Dyer Ave. Stop in anytime or call 401-383-8990.

My friend Jan sent me a link today that tells RI’ers where they can donate winter coats if they have extras, and where they can get winter coats for free if they have need. 

This is not an RI Dream Center event, but the cause is so worthy I just needed to share it.  Some of our readers might be able to spare a coat, and I know some of our readers could use one. 

Please check out the article below from Prosperity for RI’s website


2013 BND sites in Rhode Island

The 17th Annual Buy Nothing Day Winter Coat Exchange

Friday November 29, 2013

If you have a coat to give, please drop it off.  If you need a coat, please pick one up. 

Some see Buy Nothing Day as an escape from the marketing mind games and the frantic consumer binge that has come to characterize the holiday season.  Others use it to expose the environmental and ethical consequences of over-consumption.  In Rhode Island  as part of International Buy Nothing Day, we hold a winter coat exchange in various locations around the state, where people who can donate coats, do so, and people who need coats pick them up.. Volunteers are needed to help with this life-affirming event.


Locations in Rhode Island

Providence  State House Lawn  brick patio across from the mall

Collection and give away   November 29 9 AM to 1 PM

Rain location  Gloria Dei Lutheran Church  15 Hayes Street  Providence

Contacts Greg Gerritt: 331-0529;;

Phil Edmonds: 461-3683;


Pawtucket –  175 Main St   Blackstone Valley Visitors Center

Coats accepted at the visitors center and many other locations in Pawtucket  all through November during business hours.

Collection at November Winters Farmers Markets Wednesday evening and Saturday morning at Hope Artiste Village

Coats given away Friday  Nov. 29  10AM  -2PM

Contact  Arthur Pitt ;     401-369-1918

East Providence  Bridgepoint    850 Waterman Ave

Coats collected and given away Friday November 29  9 AM to 1 PM

Coats collected throughout November at various locations in East Providence and Seekonk including the Newman YMCA.

Contact  David or Lisa Spencer  401-965-9099

Newport – St Paul’s Church 12 West Marlborough St.

Coats collected and given away 10 AM to Noon

Contact  Reverend Becky Baumann  Coats also available at other church events

Wakefield –St. Francis Church, 114 High Street,

Coats Collected and given away 10AM to noon

Contact   Tom Abbott   401-364-0778

East Greenwich      St. Luke’s Church, 99 Pierce Street, East Greenwich

Drop Off and Exchange 10 am – 2 pm    In downstairs cafeteria.

Contact:  Jean Ann Guliano, 401-323-5196,

Greater Providence YMCA’s sites

All sites collecting coats throughout November    Most sites distributing Coats on November 29   9 AM to 1 PM

East Side/Mount Hope

Drop off coats throughout November   Not a distribution site

Contact    Christy Clausen    401-521-0155


West Bay Family YMCA Branch

Collection and distribution site

Contact   Kaitlyn Rooney     401-295-6501

Cranston YMCA

Collection and distribution site

Contact   Mike Norklun     401-943-0444


Bayside YMCA

Collection and distribution site

Contact   Michael Squatrito    401-245-2444


Kent County YMCA

Collection and distribution site

Contact  Patricia Driscoll     401-828-0130



South County YMCA

Collection and distribution site

Contact    Melissa Bousquet   401-783-3900


Newman YMCA (Seekonk, MA)

Collection site only

Contact    Paula Roy  508-336-7103




We received a wonderful email this morning from one of the volunteers at the backpack giveaway…I hope you enjoy!

Good morning,

You will be Blessed to know that every one of the 300 plus back packs were received by the homeless on the State house lawn this morning.

We also passed out about 25 huge bags of warm clothing and lunches, coffee & hot chocolate and YOU made it all possible With your very generous donations of backpacks and all the things we put inside them, Be sides all your prayers, donations for lunches, coffee, clothing, and volunteering your time Etc.

Through your faithful dedication and very generous hearts , 300 plus lives were blessed and they were all so very thankful. God bless YOU ALL . Thank you all once again for all YOU do.

So many people said this is like Christmas !!!!! This is so awesome, we just can’t believe all you do, this Church family is just unbelievable !!!!

As they walk away carrying their house on their back with smiles on their faces in the cold weather so Grateful for the things we take for granted , It leaves us counting our blessings and yet wishing we could do so much more for them.

They are beautiful people God’s children so thankful and grateful for the love we have for them, May we always continue to pray for God’s protection and provision for them as they continue on their journey of survival!!!

There but for the grace of God go I!!!!

Please see the Awesome Praise Reports and Prayer list below!

Praise Reports:

Vinny & Melissa are on the recovery road, Vinny is addiction free 1 month Melissa is in the hospital . They both want prayer for strength on their recovery road. Vinny looks so healthy.

Sarge who served 3 terms in the Vietnam war has an apartment. Thanks for serving our country Sarge God bless you Veteran.

Joel is on the recovery Road please continue to pray for continued strength through his recovery.

Sharon She is sleeping out on the streets in the freezing cold, Jan gave her a back pack and much needed clothes and a lunch, She said oh my God this is like Christmas! I can’t believe all this stuff and all you do. where is this church I want to come. She just kept saying thank you ,over and over again. Pray for her safety and a home

Raymond looks good his cancer is in remission ,Please continue to pray for his complete healing, He is a war Veteran Who finally has housing and he comes to church a lot. Thanks for serving our Country Raymond . God bless you Veteran

Donna Jan gave her some clothes and asked her did you get a back pack, She said no, Jan said come with me and took her to the truck, Jan said anymore back packs left and they said one, Donna said oh my God I can’t believe this, Jan said yes God wanted you to have this back pack, he saved this last one for you. She was so thankful and amazed at all we do and gave, she wanted to know where the church is and said I want to come to that church. You people are so wonderful to do this.

Maria asked for a plastic bag as her son wanted it to clean up all the trash on the lawn. God bless them.

Vinny shared his lunch with a man who did not get one

So many people were so amazed at all you give and do for others

Love Speaks: So many people come running to us for a hug. They know in their hearts that our love is real. Some people were hard and cold to us for quite awhile years back,as they didn’t trust people, but we just kept telling them Jesus loves you and we love you too and we’d give them a hug. Now it brings tears to our eyes as they run to us to give us a hug. Praise God !

Praise God that He keeps blessing the vision He allows us all to serve together in!!!

Prayer List:

Russell Healing of a broken Hip and God knows

Joe Joe Healing & God knows

Barry Healing addiction

David Healing

Mike to live

David a place to live

Satie A home & Healing

Joslynn Healing

Mike his son Ryan

Sheri Her son, Job

Maria A job & her & her children


Matt addiction

Elizabeth Health

Robert miracle deliverance

Barbara needs many miracles in her family

John Culinary art Grant

Lamaze KIds, suffering

David Job & stay healthy

Mike Bear ( DOG) Get my life back

Felicia will have surgery on her vocal cords

William Dejorge Spirituality, and health

David Di His needs

Barbara God knows

Lasm suffering kids

Dennis His needs

Denise Her needs

Nicole her needs and safe& healthy delivery of her baby

Christina God knows

Andy quit smoking and deliverance of addiction

Cheryl needs a healing miracle of her Liver and pancreas ( cancer)

Cam God guides him on the right road And for his family

Rob his needs

Andy different Andy God knows

Edith needs a healing miracle Cancer Lump on her breast and lung

Joel continued strength on the recovery road

Gracie Complete healing cancer

C miracle deliverance

Car miracle healing deliverance

Viola Her boy friend David tanner needs deliverance from addiction & healing

Randy God knows

June her health Cancer miracle healing

George God knows

Paula Her son strength, needs size small men’s clothing

Maude Her children in Africa

Felicia her father-in-law almost died needs healing

Judy fractured bone will have surgery this Tuesday

Chester everything


Mark his wife Roseabella self deliverance

Paul Healing of Cheryl’s legs, His sister-in-law

Ron For Al who is suicidal

Scott for his son to be born healthy

Tony has a life treating disease , Pray for his miracle, Her enjoys helping everyone, he feels blessed to do it.

Kelly for her triplet children one in college,ones a marine and one struggles

Barbara Carl died and they brought him back to life is in the hospital needs healing

Heather needs healing bronchitis Pray for her children also

Eric Family and kids

Barbara pray for her children and her mother who is raising them

Jennifer for her baby to be born healthy

Ben his daughter, good health

Jose his son and better health

Elwood get well

Lynn she has been trying to get pregnant, Her husband has low sperm count

William his Dad to get well and more direction to the Lord

Tina all who are still suffering

Mellisa Detor her needs

Carl Dunn is in ICU

A Man asked for prayer for Scott to show up

Vinny a better life and strength on his recovery road for him and his wife

All the Homeless

LIz Brenda’s mother please continue to pray for her complete healing & brenda as well

Hilda & Gary God Knows

K God knows

Ron & Cindy on the trail spreading the word that Jesus saves, please continue to pray for God’s protection & provision and for souls to be saved

Barbara Her & her family

Scott needs a complete healing of blood clots in his leg

Lidia Healing Heart problem and pray for her family as well Ronnie in Jail and hia wife and 3 babies

Maria needs a miracle deliverance

Ken finances

David his needs S&G God knows

Ronnie complete healing cancer

R&L God knows

Robert needs healing of his foot, depression & finances

J&T God knows

Joseph Guilmette needs a miracle healing cancer

Lisa Her mom needs healing cancer and her step father also needs healing cancer please pray for their miracle and for Lisa as well

Raymond God knows

William salvation for him and family

Billy needs healing miracle suicidal

Linda Healing of her depression and her mind

Anthony finances

Church family & Their’s

Pastors and Their family


Thank you Love & prayers from the Homeless & the early Seekers

God bless and have a great week












Well, Tuesday nights are cordoned off for me and my wife as “date night”, and we got to spend time together tonight filling backpacks for the homeless…

Every year the Dream Center hands out about 300 backpacks filled with winter necessities to the homeless in Providence, and tonight was the night they were filled.  This year we filled 301.

There are any number of people who have been working diligently all year to make this night a possibility, and to them I say thanks….and Saturday morning when the backpacks are finally given out to people who really need them – your whole year’s worth of hard work will come to fruition.

It was a little crazy at first when we got there – lots of work to do and soooo many opinions on which was the most efficient way to organize the stuffings and fill the backpacks…but once we finally got going we had a blast…all the volunteers ended up working as one cohesive unit within an hour and we were buzzing like super busy bees in a beehive…it was pretty cool, because even a couple of the volunteers were formerly homeless – it felt special working side-by-side with someone who used to need this backpack I held in my hand knowing that this year he is on the other side…this year he is helping fill it for someone else!

So, in closing, I hope you enjoy these pics as much as I enjoyed my date-night with my special someone!!!


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