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Hey there.

Just wanted to give you a heads up that we are having a big spaghetti dinner fundraiser at Praise Tabernacle church on September 12 from 5-7pm.

All of the proceeds are going straight to the backpacks and the winter supplies that we will be putting in the backpacks for the homeless this coming winter.

Tickets are only $10 for adults and $6 for children. In order to get tickets, or just donate, please see me (Tommy King) and I will be happy to assist.

You can also visit our Facebook page for the event at


For more info on the winter backpacks, take a look at some of our posts from last year!

Please share this info as we are trying to raise as much as possible – the backpack budget is really tight this year…






Oh the weather outside was frightful, but the walk was quite delightful!!!

So we had our annual Walkathon this year, and we had a ton of fun.  The weather was cold, rainy and overcast, but our spirits were high and we had a blast hanging out together raising awareness and funds for a great cause!

Many thanks to all the volunteers who played a role behind the scenes putting the Walkathon together this year and for finding sponsors for the t-shirts.

Many thanks to all those that sponsored walkers in our Walkathon today.  You are soooooo appreciated!!

And, last but certainly not least, we want to send out our most sincere gratitude to all those that raised funds and walked in the Walkathon today – even though the weather was not on our side.  As we walked through Roger Williams Park today, I couldn’t help but think of the homeless people that we were out there walking for….it might have been a couple of hours in the cold rain for us today, but at least we have homes to go back to and warm up in…God bless all those that are not quite that fortunate.

A special thanks should be given to Team ABC of the Helping the Homeless in RI organization – you all are AMAZING!!!!!

I’d also like to thank Uncle Andy for leading the way for us – he was the only homeless/formerly homeless person to walk with us this year – Andy, you made my day today by joining us in our Walkathon!!!

So, how did we do, anyways?  Can I have the envelope please?………due to everyone’s hard work, we raised over $1,000 for our Backpack Giveaway through this Walkathon.  I am extremely proud of the whole team and excited for where this fundraiser is headed next year!!!  IF we double the distance will we double the donations?!?!?  How bout if we triple it?

Anyways, before I get too far ahead of myself, I should mention that we still have t-shirts for sale too, so if you would like to buy a t-shirt to help the cause let me know and we will make it happen!!!

That’s enough for me now, check out the pics below and leave a comment!!! Thanks for taking the time to visit the Dream Center Diaries…have a great day!!!



The Walkers!


Uncle Andy!


Getting Started



Roger Williams Park


Chuck used at least 200 puns per mile today!



Picture Time at the halfway marker!


Everyone had to run because an alligator started chasing them!



Less than a 3 mile walk, but it took Chuck 7 hours and 39 minutes to complete it because…who knows why, he’s Chuck!!!


We still have t-shirts for sale in case you want to help out…much love and thanks to all our awesome sponsors!!!!

The RI Dream Center Proudly Presents The 8th Annual Hope for the Homeless event In recognition of National Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week!!

When:        Saturday, November 8th, 2014

Where:       Praise Tabernacle Church, 330 Park Avenue Cranston, RI

Time:          11:00 AM to 2:00 PM

          Lunch will be served from Noon to 1:00 PM 

But what is it?!?!?  Well, I’m glad you asked!!!  The Hope for the Homeless event is a yearly event we host in order to raise awareness for the homeless and financially poor by treating them to a day of food & fun while connecting them with local service providers that are working to meet their needs.   For the second straight year, Praise Tabernacle Church is allowing us to host the event at their facility.

We’ll have a band, we’ll have lots of good food, and we’ll have lots of service providers on hand in order spend some time with our local homeless community.  The best part about it – all of it’s free for our guests!!!  We’ll send the buses out to the city to pick up whoever wants to come.

If you’d like to find out more details, or if you’d like to donate your time or money to make sure this event is as amazing as possible, feel free to reach out to us on our Facebook page dedicated to the event.  You can also comment on this post and I will personally put you in contact with someone leading the charge on this event…


Thank you to all the supporters of the RI Dream Center Hope for the Homeless Winter Survival Backpack Sponsors!!!!

If that’s not a mouthful, I don’t know what is!!!

Here’s the scoop, for those of you that don’t know what’s up – every year we hand out 300 free backpacks to the homeless filled with winter survival supplies.  Yeah, it’s expensive, and yeah, it’s a lot of work….but it is soooooooo worth it!!!

To get it done, we rely on friends and family of the RI Dream Center for support.  One of the main fundraisers is the Walkathon.  Another way we raise support is simply by asking for supplies, and year after year I am totally amazed by the outstanding efforts of ordinary, everyday citizens of our community that help provide supplies for our backpacks.

Ok, so let’s set the table – here’s what we hand out:

Fleece Blanket
Shave Cream
Nail clippers
Lip balm

Other helpful items are hand sanitizer, alcohol free mouthwash, toilet paper and feminine hygiene products.

As you can see, it’s a lot – just multiply that list by 300!!!!

We have already started receiving some donations, but if you would like to help us out by donating any of the above necessities it would be great!  If you would like to donate anything, leave a comment below and we will figure out the best way to connect!

So, here are the dates I promised:

HFH Walkathon – October 11th at the PT Church Parking Lot at 8:30 am

Filling of the Backpacks – November 11th at PT Church at 6:00 pm until…..whenever we’re done!

Backpack Hand Outs – November 15th  State House Lawn at 7:00 am

If you would like to help out with ANYTHING you have read about in this post, please let me know and we will put you in contact with someone running each of these events!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this blog!!!

I just wanted to share a couple of quick stories:

A couple of weeks ago, when we were out feeding the homeless on the Food Truck on a Friday night on Broad Street, a homeless man comes up to me and hands me a $10 bill.  I promptly let him know that we are out to bless him, and that there is never a charge for any food/drink/etc the Food Truck provides…just as quick, he let me know that he knew that already, but he saw our faithfulness week after week and year after year and wanted to pitch in – he said it had been a good week for him and he wanted to use some of his windfall to give back to the Food Truck…he said there’s been times when we’ve provided the only meal he’s had on a given day, and he wanted to take the opportunity to say thanks with his wallet…..pretty cool, huh?

The people I work with are very caring and very generous – they are often the quickest to step in anytime I let it be known we are in a pinch…they also love getting involved with the backpack drive.  I almost hate telling stories about them, because there are too many to tell and I know I will leave someone’s story out – they are literatlly that good to me…but here’s one for ya – one of the ladies I work with is an extreme couponer – a backpack giveaway plus an extreme couponer = a marriage made in heaven!!!  So here’s the scoop, when she got the list of what we need to fill the backpacks this year, she made it her mission to make the biggest impact she could. Armed with a binder-full-of-coupons and store-bucks, she walks up to the cash register with a carriage full of travel size essentials…the woman at the counter, who is one of the assistant managers at the store, let her know that company policy does not allow for couponing/store-bucks on these size items (they were already on sale!!)…but she was very curious why someone might be looking to buy so many anyways…long story short, when my friend tells the woman that she is buying them to fill backpacks to hand out to the homeless this winter, tears begin to well up in the cashier’s eyes.  The woman working behind the register lets her know that, so many months ago, she used to be homeless herself!!!  So there was no way she was letting my friend walk out of the store with everything in the carriage – and yes it was fine to use the coupons, store policy or not – it is going to a good cause and polices are made to be broken sometimes!!!  Imagine that though, my friend innocently walks into the store looking to meet the needs of some homeless people this Winter, but ends up touching the life of someone who made it out of homlesessness…and it opened the door for my friend to put her extreme-couponing skills to VERY good use!!!!


Mark your Calendars – we have A LOT going on in the next few months:

  • HFH Walkathon: Saturday, October 11th starting at the PT Church Parking Lot – 8:30 am
  • HFH Homelessness Event: Saturday,  November 8th @ PT Church – 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
  • Filling of the Backpacks: Tuesday, November 11th @  PT Church – 6:00 pm until….. 
  • Back Pack Hand-Outs: Saturday, November 15th @ State House Lawn – 7:00 am

They are all interrelated – I will have much more detail for you soon…hope this whets your appetite!!!!

Hey all!!!

One of my sisters is a sales rep for Younique Beauty Supplies and she just let me know that she is heading up a fundraiser for the RI Dream Center over the next week and a half.  Any commissions she would have received from sales over the next 10 days will instead be donated to the RIDC’s I Need You To Survive Program.

After reading about our I Need You To Survive program here and watching videos here and here (starting at 2:13), she was so inspired that she had to do something!  And this seemed like a natural fit – she’s already selling cosmetics, so why not raise funds for INU2S – it’s a no-brainer!!!

She’s got a super big heart and I hope she raises a ton of funds for the Dream Center during this fundraiser.  As you know, RIDC has hit some hard times recently (financially speaking), so anything you can do to help support the cause is greatly appreciated!

If you are looking to find out more, she sent me the following note with a link to her page:

Hope for the Homeless Fundraiser

Thanks for visiting my Younique Online Fundraiser for the Rhode Island Dream Center! The commission I make from every sale will go directly to helping homeless women of Rhode Island through the ministry, “I Need You To Survive,” which gives free head-to-toe makeovers to homeless women all over Rhode Island! Browse the products and remember, every purchase you make helps to bring joy and pride to women who desperately need it! Thank you SO MUCH!!!

– Michaela Gunn, Your Party Host


So, if you are in the market for some makeup anyways, might as well take advantage  of a chance to support the RIDC.

Thanks so much for your support!


***The RIDC does not endorse or recommend one makeup company over another – this is simply a way for a member of the RIDC Family to help the Dream Center raise the funds necessary to support its programs; and for that, we say thank you to Michaela Gunn and all of our generous volunteers and sponsors – in the spirit of full disclosure, Michaela Gunn is the sister of RIDC Board Member Tommy King***