Cool little story from tonight…I was out shopping for Food Truck supplies at Price Rite and I was wearing my green and yellow RIDC hoody.  

A lady comes up to me and asks “are you the people that give out the backpacks to the homeless?”  

“We sure are….how can I help you?”  I responded.

“I have a slightly used nice backpack…can you use it?  I heard you prefer used backpacks.”

“We actually give out new backpacks every year, but people ask me for backpacks all the time – so if you have a used one you are looking give to someone, I would be happy to help get that backpack to someone who really needs it!”

We chit-chatted about the Dream Center for a bit, and she will be dropping off the backpack for me sometime within the next week or so…

Just goes to show you – you never know who might be out there – someone who is looking for help OR even someone who is looking to help…keep your eyes peeled, your ears and heart open, and a smile on your face….who knows what a trip to Price Rite might turn into…