Hello all!   Ginny & Jan sent me the emails below with an Early Seekers update and a Food Truck update (now that it has added a West Wawick stop on Sundays):

Hi Everyone,

Another great morning at KP, We passed out About 10 more huge bags of Clothing and many Lunches as well, etc. As always the needy were so blessed by your very generous donations, lunches, prayers and all you do. They thank you all so much for your faithfulness and dedication. It is also so awesome to know how God meets their needs. A most grateful thank you to all of you who saw the need for men’s clothing, Shoes Etc, and have so graciously donated Much needed men’s clothing and A Very Grateful thank you to Ed & Faith Who donated about 18 huge bags of Brand new Men’s clothing, shoes,sneakers,Etc. This is all such an answer to prayer! The Men were so excited to get all the new underware, T shirts, pants, hoodies,warm clothing, etc. They kept saying thank you so much over and over.You all really blessed them. God bless you all for your awesome labor of love in all you do. Jan and I go to our clothing closet each week to label sizes and pack up the clothes, we bring what ever bags we can fit in our cars to bring to KP and the Food truck loads what ever they can fit in the Food truck to bring to KP. Thank you Chuck, George and who ever else ,faithfully loads them on the truck and brings them to us to pass out at KP. Jan and I do a lot of crying in that Closet as we see all the lovely clothing, Ect that you all provide. It is amazing! God bless you all.

Prayer List:

Please continue to pray for all Those on past lists who need healing and deliverance and salvation.

Tommy Meschino Needs a miracle healing In Critical condition in a coma, with serious brain and skull injuries fro a motor cycle accident
Debbie with several broken bones punctured lung and skull fracture in same accident.
A 3 month old baby who needs surgery
Kim’s brother Please continue to pray for his miracle healing and salvation,
Gloria her needs
Helen Her needs
Felicia Needs a miracle healing she has surgery on her throat and her vocal cords have been damaged, she is still trusting God for her healing
Joe & Donna God knows
K God knows
R Healing
Brian His cancer has returned , he needs a miracle healing
John his needs
Ronald needs size 3x sweat shirts, etc.
Daniel Her needs
Maria needs a Job
Man his needs
Tiny his needs
Francis his needs He also needs a blanket for a lady he knows
Wendy needs a complete healing of her heart attack recovery
David E His needs
A Veteran his needs
Gary his needs
Jose his needs
Lisa her needs
Jan continued healing
Al his needs
Joe his needs
Felicia’s husband his needs
Bernard needs a miracle healing
Andy His needs
Brian Need Jeans size 36/34
Gracilia her needs
Maria her needs
Anna her needs
Ray needs pray to find an apartment as he needs to move in Feb as land Lord raised his rent. He just donated 3 huge bags of brand new clothing and slightly used as well, he is not from KP, He is my neighbors Dad.
Back Pack give away coming in Nov. Hope for the Homeless Event coming in Nov

Thank You, Love and prayers from the Homeless and the Early Seekers God Bless and have a great week Ginny

Hello Everyone, What a blessed night we had in West Warwick at the meal site. Thank you so much to all of you who come out to help serve cook and donate all the delicious dishes for our friends. it was a vey brisk and cold night. Freezing actually! You all from team abc and all who assist them and our RIDC food truck ministry and their volunteers as well are so dedicated and faithful. What a privilege to serve along side of you all. You all are super great heros inmy eyes . My eyes fill with tears, as I think of all your generous hearts, and how you are fullfilling the needs of those,( strangers really to us all… till we got to know them as our friends and buddies) who are hurting and in need. I pray that God will return a huge blessing back to you all….100 fold! A few prayer request from some, please pray along with us that God will meet their needs Peggy, her husband still having back problems,trouble walking and fell last week.also her 25 y/o son got hit in the face ( i think she said it was a baseball) and has a fractured bone under his eye..Justin and Kim, Mom and step father having domestic problems and her autistic son is in the middle of it all and getting very upset and verbally abusive, the state may come and take him,Stepfather has dementia and abusive. Kim Also asked for prayer for finances and health. they are behind on the electric bill, and fear they may turn it off. Charlene and Michael, for housing, food, clothing needs, and special unspoken. Linda still waiting on her birth cert. to get into better housing. Joe for more work.Donna, her dad Harold just got out of hospital has COPD, a bad hip. Anthony Page,stomach and migraines. Kim her needs. Norman has noduals on his lung please pray its not cancer. he also got stung by a bee today and is allergic to them, his arm was all swollen and red he was on his way to the ER. Andy needs a lg winter coat. Nicole, her dad has lymphoma, stage 3 cancer, also wants her childs father to stay in her childs life. and her grandfather has liver cancer. Mary, pain in her back and legs. Rebecca,needs faceclothes, blankets,pots and pans, towels, sheets, dishes curtains .she just moved here, and is new to RI.. John, Finaces, and special unspoken. Krista,she has a cold, also needs a coat, Nicole, having a baby boy, pray for healthy baby and that she gets all she needs for him. Gilbert for he and his family to be reunited again. Henry and Joan to resolve some issues. Michael, housing . Many more needs, some not shared but God knows. Thank you all again for your faithfulness in prayer and all you do. you all are truly such a blessing!