Jan, from Early Seekers, sent me this awesome note today:

God Morning Friends and Family

Thank you to all those who came this morning to help out at KP. We love and appreciate you so much. We seemed to have plenty of lunches for everyone today… I know many of us have been making extras so that no one goes without. Thank you ! We are very grateful to you all !l. Thank you guys for lugging all our bags of clothing onto the truck for us. And thank you to all who donated the beautiful clothing. Ginny and I go thru them all at church during the week and lable them with sz tags and then we pack them up in our zipper bags, and we take as many of the bags that will fit in our cars and we bring them to KP each week as well..The rest of the bags we leave in our clothing room at pt. The guys on the food truck are so gracious to take them out and lug the rest of them to KP for us, so thanks so much guys.! We love you !

When we first arrived today walking into the park with our stuff a few of the homeless came up to us and said good luck girls… they told us that many people were acting up in the park before we got there . We said a silent prayer, and we didn’t have any huge issues. Thank you Lord, and thank you that you are always there and watching over us and looking out for us and our safety .

Prayer Requests

Homeless needs……… men and ladies, hoodies ,sweatpants, winter jackets, and mens pants (all sizes)

Sharon has many pressures to meet deadlines ,and many responsibilities on her shoulders, also healing of spot on her lung.

Jan ( me ) I need prayer for myself. Today I was a little short with someone who very often gets demanding. I love my friends at kp with all my heart. I really am a huge advocate of the homeless and I am usually very understanding and loving and always standing up for them. anyone who truly knows me, knows that about me. They are truly dear to my heart, but sometimes when some of them get demanding and take advantage of that… It is sometimes” trying” to always respond with a Godly spirit as they are yelling , and today I was not as loving with my words. Although this man knows I love and care about him and he teases me every week because he knows me … but cons me into giving and giving to him, because he is a very close friend of my nephew , and many times gets more than his share…because he thinks I should always favor him. so today he was just getting so demanding and I kind of told him that.I feel bad because I want always to respond nicely and be pleasant and not let my attitude affect anyone wrongly. Please pray that I will always catch myself and respond with a soft and loving answer. I know this man was not offended ( he knows how much I love and care about him) so I am not worried about that,…. but I do want to be always loving and respectful to everyone in all situations. Feeling sad about it all …and need your prayers……. forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.” – Philippians 3:13-14

Kelly she was in tears , as her boyfriend got arrested this week and is in jail…God knows the situation,…pray for him ,and her needs at this difficult time.

Dina…. very distraught this morning complaining about the 4-5 ladies who stand in the front of the clothing line each and every week and grab so much clothing that she never gets any, we saved some aside for her but she left and when she came back we offered it to her.. . she apologized and said she was just having such an awful morning. Has many unspoken needs

Jeanette needs clothing… lg sweatpants, and sweatshirt, and a back pack.also…strruggling with addictions she is a born again Christian but relapsed and wants to get right again.

Mark C…..Xlg winter jacket

Tom R Lg jacket

Those who are still in need of things and those who need continued prayer:

Olga sneakers size 7 1/2 Pants size 5-6 and med shirts

Sandra Special unspoken

Linda to be free from emotional stress , and get her life back to normal

Edwin needs pants size 32 and Large shirts. sneakers 7 1/2

Joel needs pants size 34 and large tops. sneakers sz 9

Inese needs small microwave oven

Ricky She has 4 children 1 daughter is 16 and needs size 5 pants and sm tops, daughter Ashley 8 y/o needs teen size Lg sweat pants Her son is 13 and size 36 pants, has baby 6 months old

Delo Lg shirts pants sz 14

Kenny Many needs in his family and in his own life that he is dealing with

Andy special unspoken

Susan emotional stress , family and at work

Ron to be free from addiction, anger issues

Walter wants to get free from addiction

Koryn Help with family relationships, fiances, job

Barbara Her son to be free of addiction, and special unspoken request

Ronnie complete healing from cancer

Coleen special unspoken

Barbara Healing of heart problems and gout

Robert to stay sober and clean on his road of recovery and come back to church

Man in ” overcomers” who is struggling with addiction and in need of clothing

Virginia healing of her knees ,finances and all her needs

Tom a deeper understanding of God and a bigger commitment to Him.

Irma Healing form breast cancer , and alzheimers

Brian strength to stay free from addiction

Carmine Special unspoken

Donna & Joe Free from addictions

Annastasia Finances, a home, and all his unspoken needs

Wendy Healing of her heart problem

Mark God knows

Raphael needs pants size 44

Bleaker unspoken

Santiago & his wife finances

Bob complete healing from brain opperation

Frank unspoken

Dean His knees need healing

Joe reconciliation with friends who love him

Carol healing of knees

Steve that God would continue to meet his needs

David E His needs

Ed his needs

Russell healing and addictions

Maria needs a job she has 2 children and has been looking for a job for over a year.

Helen and Gloria many needs God knows

Cheryl her many issues in her life and her childrens

Barry Addiction

Stanley homeless for the 1st time, is not looking well since we saw him a few weeks ago, he is struggling out there on the streets.

John Health

David queen sz quilt

Felica healing

Steve strength and healing

Stacy Health

Homeless on the streets of Providence, and West Warwick. all their needs… and especially freedom from the many addictions that keep them in a desperate place in their lives

Overcomers all those who struggle with addictions of any kind and for them to continue on the road to recovery , and for continued blessings on June as she ministers to them and all those who are helping them as well

All those who need healing… both physically and emotionally

all of our precious church family’s needs

all of your families and their needs

Pastor Allen and Molly

Pastor Barry

Pastor Dave and Anne

All the PT Ministries

Safety for the USA and Israel

Thank you all for your prayers and hearts to give.

Love and blessings, Jan, and all the Homeless and all the Early Seekers