Hey all!!!

One of my sisters is a sales rep for Younique Beauty Supplies and she just let me know that she is heading up a fundraiser for the RI Dream Center over the next week and a half.  Any commissions she would have received from sales over the next 10 days will instead be donated to the RIDC’s I Need You To Survive Program.

After reading about our I Need You To Survive program here and watching videos here and here (starting at 2:13), she was so inspired that she had to do something!  And this seemed like a natural fit – she’s already selling cosmetics, so why not raise funds for INU2S – it’s a no-brainer!!!

She’s got a super big heart and I hope she raises a ton of funds for the Dream Center during this fundraiser.  As you know, RIDC has hit some hard times recently (financially speaking), so anything you can do to help support the cause is greatly appreciated!

If you are looking to find out more, she sent me the following note with a link to her page:

Hope for the Homeless Fundraiser

Thanks for visiting my Younique Online Fundraiser for the Rhode Island Dream Center! The commission I make from every sale will go directly to helping homeless women of Rhode Island through the ministry, “I Need You To Survive,” which gives free head-to-toe makeovers to homeless women all over Rhode Island! Browse the products and remember, every purchase you make helps to bring joy and pride to women who desperately need it! Thank you SO MUCH!!!

– Michaela Gunn, Your Party Host


So, if you are in the market for some makeup anyways, might as well take advantage  of a chance to support the RIDC.

Thanks so much for your support!


***The RIDC does not endorse or recommend one makeup company over another – this is simply a way for a member of the RIDC Family to help the Dream Center raise the funds necessary to support its programs; and for that, we say thank you to Michaela Gunn and all of our generous volunteers and sponsors – in the spirit of full disclosure, Michaela Gunn is the sister of RIDC Board Member Tommy King***