My friends that are in the Early Seekers Outreach Program sent me the following update today…I’m so proud of all they do!!!  We are in desperate need of sandwiches, if there is anything you can do to help it would be greatly appreciated!!!


We had another Bright, Brisk ,Beautiful and Blessed Morning in the Lord at KP today!

We passed out many large bags of clothing, socks,sandwiches, coffee, snacks, and lots of love and good cheer. Many were so very grateful for all the blessings and all the prayers you all have donated and offered up for them. The “Early Seekers” who volunteer in this Ministry are also very Grateful for all of you who donate and are such faithful prayer warriors. God Bless you. May you all be continuously blessed and filled with lots of love and Happiness each and every day in the coming New Year. We ran out of sandwiches/lunches very quickly today. We seemed to have had a shortage this week. If anyone has it on their heart to make and donate sandwiches, we could sure use some extras… you can drop them by the church on Fridays and label them Early seekers. We would be so very appreciative.

Some of the homeless ask us for prayer, and below are their Prayer Requests.  Many of our homeless told us today that “we pray for all of you”. How blessed to know that we are on their hearts and in their prayers.  Please pray for one of our faithful donors and wonderful Christian friends ( Lyn ) who suffered a heart attack a few days ago and is in the hospital after undergoing a serious operation of heart blockages yesterday. Praying for a quick recovery.

  • George Stockwell His Step Mom just passed away…. she had recently been diagnosed with cancer. Please pray for the family.
  • Also George’s Mom was in a car accident she is doing ok but shaken up and recovering from bruises and aches and pains
  • Louie One of our “Overcomers” died from an OD yesterday. Please pray for the family and all the “Overcomers” who are very shaken and upset from this tragic news.
  • Haji A very polite and great guy,…. Needs a winter jacket so very badly…. he has been asking us for 2 weeks now and we just haven’t had one his size. He needs a 1x or 2x size . also asked for prayers for his son. if anyone has one they no longer need and can donate, we would be so grateful .( Please see Ginny or Jan )
  • Brian This man has been through so much…. has a very hard exterior image… comes across as a tough, don’t mess with me kind of guy but is really a softy inside. He has come so close to coming to pt but just has not yet done so. he accepted Jesus into his heart a couple of years ago, said the sinners prayer with Ginny, as she led him to Christ. and still his eyes fill with tears when ever you tell him Jesus loves him. The enemy is hard at work and would seek to take him down and away from a life of Christ’s leading, but we know that he can’t win. If this man gave his whole life over to Jesus he would be an awesome testimony and an amazing soul winner and soldier of Christ as many of our homeless know him and revere him …… He always stands by and protects and watches over us girls when we are at KP .He makes sure that no one hurts or harms us in any way…. and most know that if they do they will have to answer to him.So we know we are always safe when he is around us.
  • Chenda Spanish-speaking woman…. due to the language barrier I couldn’t understand her prayer request but God knows
  • Esta Spanish-speaker also…God knows
  • Jessica young girl new to the streets this week and last week, God knows
  • Lauren This is the girl who was so badly beaten by her x boyfriend that she was in a coma for 6 months.. he split her head wide open, has a 8-9 inch scar/suture line on her skull. Her hair had to be all shaved off and is just starting to grow back. She said ” I just want my old life back I was never a street person… and I hope To go back to working at the Roger Williams park Zoo. ” She is a sweetheart, didn”t want anything today except to say Hi and asked for prayer.
  • Joseph, Needs a blanket and toiletries
  • Frances Another great friend, as I mentioned last week ,he is also there every week and looks after us and calms the crowds should they get a little rowdy or rambunctious. He loves the Lord and attends LIU service regularly at pt. He has many needs as well…. never really mentions them much but God knows. Pray that God provides him with everything he needs and that he keeps walking in the path and direction that God would have for him.
  • Felicia was supposed to have surgery last week on a blockage in her throat but it got postponed… will be having it soon, she attends pt every Sunday, loves the Lord.
  • Ray for his daughter to stay safe and well.
  • Giovani For his kids
  • Ray needs a lift in his spirits ,he is always there at kp every week always helps us in any way he can. Has things in his past that he is not proud of … and some who know him wont leave him alone about it, and he is ashamed …. but has changed his life over… loves the Lord and wants to move forward leave the past behind and continue to follow Him.
  • Frances also helps us to get the word out for bus schedules…. told us and the homeless that if they use the RIPTA bus to go to church…. that they can take bus # 3 or 20. OR We also have our PT buses that P/U at 8AM (for our Sunday service) at KP, Crossroads, and Prov Rescue, Thank you Frances.
  • Isabella…Needs jeans /slacks size 16
  • Lucy needs sneakers size 9….. a sweet Spanish gal, she kind of had to use hand jesters to communicate her need to me.
  • Walter the sweetest guy…. comes to pt every week, just wanted us to pray that his children would call him . he said he is so lonesome for them.
  • Antonio For Peace and Love, also pray for salvation for our enemies and all the lost. financial blessings for everyone, and for himself as well. Housing for all those who are homeless.
  • Louise needs size 7 ladies underwear (she is an older woman and is as sweet as an angel.)
  • Steve That his Housing comes through and ss check comes in as promised.
  • Mario all the homeless
  • Jason pray he continues to stay on the road of recovery . clean and sober over 6 months now and is using his testimony to help others with addictions.
  • Jacquline, a pretty woman who is new to us at kp… when I asked her if she had a prayer request she said “all I can say is I am just so tired “. and she just broke my heart, cause she did look so tired ! and all I could think of is how is she even surviving out there.
  • Paul for his sister Suzanne and Karen
  • Patrick has a job interview and asks that we pray that he will get hired.
  • Charles needs a job… looking for work so he can get off the streets.
  • Paul lost his mom 14 months ago and is still grieving.
  • Brian God Knows
  • Dunny a man who lived at crossroads… was legally blind and used a walking stick when at kp. He died in his sleep on Christmas Eve.. The homeless who knew him were very saddened and grieving . Please keep them all in your prayers.
  • Malike Hope, ( all I can say is one of the saddest prayer request I write down is when all they ask for is….. ” HOPE”
  • John Housing
  • Nathaniel salvation for the homeless also needs a backpack
  • Paul needs a backpack
  • Bob One of our ES volunteers, healing and quick recovery
  • Barbara M and family God knows
  • Ronny Ginnys son…, healing, and upcoming operation to remove lumps and trach.
  • Many sick with colds ,and flu, many suffering from diseases or afflictions, also those who may have physical ailments of any kind.

Please also pray for the following:

  • Those struggling with alcohol and or drugs….. Addictions to be broken , and lives restored
  • Those who need rehab , counseling and mentoring. May they recognize it and commit to receiving that help.
  • Those who have no family connections…. for reconciliation and healing of hurts…. and the barriers to be broken …
  • The lost and lonely ..the forgotten,…. may they find love, friendship and peace,joy, and happiness .
  • Comfort for all those who have grieving hearts and tear filled eyes
  • Housing for the homeless
  • Financial blessings to those that need
  • Jobs for the unemployed
  • Joy and happiness for the downtrodden
  • Hope renewed for all those who have lost it and can’t find their way back
  • Safe traveling mercies for all those who are away and for safety in our vehicles when traveling on roads in hazardous conditions.
  • All of you who’s need that only God knows of.
  • Abundant Blessings to all of you who provide so much and pray for our precious family at KP

Some of the things that we get the most request for…and are in most need of at this time are :

  • GLOVES!!!!
  • Hats
  • Scarves
  • Socks
  • Blankets
  • Toiletries
  • Juice pouches
  • Soda
  • Coffee


We also need volunteers who are willing to mentor those who are in need of encouragement and kindness.

We need some Spanish-speaking volunteers also so we can communicate better with our Spanish friends in need.


My sister Ginny will be back soon !!!!! Yay !!!! She is traveling back from Tennessee, she had a great Christmas vacation with her son Bobby and family. We missed you greatly these past 2 weeks Gin, can’t wait till you get back!!!

Love and Blessings, Jan, and all the ” Early Seekers”.