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Ok, so we are in the midst of a Winter Weather Advisory right now here in Rhode Island, and I just stumbled upon the following post on one of our volunteer’s Facebook pages.  Take a look at what Sharon and Lidia shared today:

Thank you to all of you who donate to the homeless.  Here is a typical Saturday morning. 
I can not even put words to how cold it was at Kennedy Plaza today!!!! I was so thankful to have a warm home to go to.
I was standing there trying to keep warm when a man came up to me and asked if he could have the thin plastic tablecloth (like the ones you buy for birthday parties) on which we had laid the clothes. It belonged to Ginny, so I asked her. She gladly gave him all. He went on to explain that he sleeps outside and would be using them to put over his blankets so when the snow comes it will protect him and the snow will easily be removed off of him. He asked if we had gloves. We didn’t have anymore so Janet took hers off and gave them to him. It was obvious he felt bad taking them. She reassured him that she had another pair at home. He was so excited. At this point I could feel my heart breaking for this man whose face showed years of life’s abuse. I tried to hold my tears back. Ginny asked him, “how do you do it, how do you survive out here in such cold?” He said he’d been doing it for many years. He also needed blankets. I am going to work on getting him some for next week. so if anyone has any please let me know. I handed him a few sandwiches and watched him as he slowly walked away into the chilling coldness.
As soon as he left I just cried my eyes out and so did Janet and Ginny. A young woman who we see there often hadn’t been around in a while. She came by to say hello. She explained that she had been in a coma for months and then showed us the scar on her skull put here by her abusive boyfriend. He almost killed her. He only got 3 years in jail. All she took was a hot cup of coffee and was on her way. She is always so kind and sweet to us.
A mother and her maybe 5yr old daughter came looking for a coat for herself and extra things for her little girl to keep her warm. I felt awful because I had given all the coats away by the time she came. About 20min. later I heard Chuck say that he had some coats on the truck. I ran to the bus terminal in hopes she may have gone there to keep warm so I could give her a coat. I was over joyed to have found her. She was so excited to have a coat!
A young man, no more than 20yrs old. In need of everything warm, took some sandwiches and a backpack Janet gave him. So young, something about how he looked at me…he was so appreciative. He reached over and gave me a big hug and as he walked away he kept looking back at me as if he was amazed by the help given him. sometimes there are those who take advantage of us and don’t always say kind things even when we are helping them. Today was not one of those days. It was a very emotional day. I share these stories so that all of you who help may be blessed for all the help you give to HOPE FOR THE HOMELESS. I love you all.
We have the best volunteers in the world.  Thanks for sharing your stories, Lidia and Sharon.  Thanks to the whole Early Seekers crew – George, Jan, Ginny, Bob, Lidia, Chuck, Claudia…I’m sure there are other names that escape me right now…and those that donate food and clothes every single week  – forgive me for not mentioning your name but your efforts do not go unnoticed…
I also wanted to say thanks to all my readers and followers for your recent donations.  The holiday season is always tough on the people we serve, and your donations are continuing to make a positive impact in their lives.
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